Rural Development MCQs | Rural Development Short Questions and Answers

41 Ganga kalyan yojana started in which year ?
A 1990
B 1997
C 2018
D 2019

Answer: 1997
42 Who have written the book “Capital and Growth” ?
A A. R. Rodon
B Hicks
C Adam Smith
D Marshall

Answer: Hicks
43 Uttar Pradesh is divided into how many districts?
A 65
B 75
C 85
D 95

Answer: 75
44 The ‘Operation Flood’ programme was successfully implemented from the year
A 1855
B 1980
C 1966
D None of the above

Answer: 1966
45 In Indian economy, the principal means of transportation is
A airways
B railways
C waterways
D None of the above

Answer: railways
46 Which industry employs the largest number of women in India?
A Tea
B Textile
C Jute
D None Of The Above

Answer: Tea
47 Which of the following is not a cash crop?
A Jute
B Groundnut
C Jowar
D None Of The Above

Answer: Jowar
48 Under PMFBY, the premium to be paid by all farmers in case of Kharif crops is ……………
A 1.5 %
B 2 %
C 2.5 %
D None of these

Answer: 2 %
49 ’Nakul swasthya Patra’ is a scheme by the government for which among the following purposes ?
A wellness of animals
B Wellness of animal owners
C Taking care of lactatingmother in the rural area
D None Of The Above

Answer: wellness of animals
50 Soil Health Card is nationwide program to conduct farm level soil analysis. In which year the Soil Health Card Scheme was launched ?
A 2013
B 2014
C 2015
D None Of The Above

Answer: 2015
51 The fruit which has the maximum area under cultivation is …………
A Mango
B Jackfruit
C Berries
D Apple

Answer: Mango