Skeletal System Quiz | Skeletal System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1 Ulna is a bone found in the –
A skull
B arms
C chest
D legs

Answer: arms
2 Which bone is not attached to any other bone in the human body?
A Scapula
B Hyoid
C Patella
D Stapes

Answer: Hyoid
3 An example of ball and socket joint in the human body can be found in the –
A Knees
B Ankles
C Shoulder
D Elbow

Answer: Knees
4 The number of bones in the human body system is :
A 206
B 370
C 260
D 306

Answer: 206
5 About how many bones does a newborn baby have?
A 190
B 225
C 270
D 206

Answer: 270
6 The other name for knee cap is -
A femur
B clavicle
C radius
D patella

Answer: patella
7 In the human body, the number of cervical vertebrae is -
A 12
B 8
C 7
D 5

Answer: 7
8 The bones of cranium are joined by
A Sutures
B Cartilages
C Tendons
D Ligaments

Answer: Sutures
9 Which of the following joints can move in only direction?
A Hinge joint
B Pivot joint
C Ball and Socket joint
D Gliding joint

Answer: Hinge joint
10 Which of the following is not associated with the bones in human body?
A Control of blood sugar
B Protection of internal organs
C Storage of minerals
D Production of red blood cells

Answer: Control of blood sugar
11 The total number of facial bones is
A 14
B 18
C 16
D 12

Answer: 14
12 Which of the following bones is associated with hip replacement surgery?
A Femur
B Fibula
C Sternum
D Patella

Answer: Femur
13 Which of the following bones of the skull is movable?
A Temporal bone
B Mandible
C Maxilla
D Nasal bone

Answer: Temporal bone
14 Which of the following is NOT a part of the axial skeleton?
A Scapula
B Skull
C Vertebral column
D Sternum

Answer: Scapula
15 Which of the following is associated with pain in the lower back in a person?
A Coccygeal vertebrae
B Lumbar vertebrae
C Cervical vertebrae
D Thoracic vertebrae

Answer: Lumbar vertebrae
16 At which place in the human body would you find the hyoid bone?
A Neck
B Knee
C Chest
D Hips

Answer: Neck
17 Which of the following is sesamoid bone?
A Patella
B Tibia
C Sternum
D Scapula

Answer: Patella
18 How many bones does the axial skeleton have?
A 80
B 126
C 48
D 72

Answer: 80
19 What are bone forming cells called?
A Osteoblasts
B Osteons
C Osteoclasts
D Osteocytes

Answer: Osteoblasts
20 Which of the following is a part of the pectoral girdle?
A Hyoid bone
B Sternum
C Clavicle
D Pelvic bone

Answer: Clavicle