Skeletal System Quiz | Skeletal System Objective Type Questions and Answers

21 The branch of medical science which deals with the prevention or correction of the musculoskeletal system is called
A Oncology
B Orthopaedics
C Gerontology
D Odinthology

Answer: Orthopaedics
22 Which of the following is a Ball and Socket joint
A Thumb joint
B Shoulder joint
C Elbow joint
D Ankle joint

Answer: Shoulder joint
23 What type of joint is found in wrist?
A Gliding joint
B Hinge joint
C Saddle joint
D Pivot joint

Answer: Gliding joint
24 What is the number of floating ribs in humans?
A 2 pairs
B 12 pairs
C 4 pairs
D 3 pairs

Answer: 2 pairs
25 What is the total number of bones in the both the lower limbs of a man?
A 54
B 60
C 56
D 58

Answer: 60
26 How many bones are present in human skull?
A 22
B 12
C 32
D 42

Answer: 22
27 What is the total number of bones found in right upper limb?
A 60
B 26
C 30
D 24

Answer: 30
28 The number of saddle joints in human body is
A 2
B 4
C 10
D 8

Answer: 2
29 Which of the following is generally called a Sprain?
A Pulling of the ligament
B Muscle tear
C Greenstick fracture
D Hairline fracture

Answer: Pulling of the ligament
30 Which of the following connects the Sternum to the ribs?
A Aerolar tissue
B Hyaline cartilage
C White fibrous cartilage
D Bony matter

Answer: Hyaline cartilage
31 The longest bone in the human body is
A femur
B ulna
C humerus
D stapes

Answer: femur
32 Number of vertebrae in human is
A 22
B 26
C 32
D 33

Answer: 26
33 The record of electrical activity of muscle is known as .........?
A Electro-Myogram (EMG)
B Electro-Cardiogram (ECG)
C Both A and B
D Neither A nor B

Answer: Electro-Myogram (EMG)
34 How many types of Joints are present in our body?
A 2
B 3
C 4
D 5

Answer: 3
35 Finger bones are also known as...........?
A Phalanges
B Metacarpal
C Hamate bone
D Girdles

Answer: Phalanges
36 Due to the presence of which pigment skeletal muscles are categorised in to red and white muscles?
A Myoglobin
B Sarcoplasmic
C Myosin
D None of the above

Answer: Myoglobin
37 Name the smallest muscle?
A Antagonisits
B Gutters maximus
C verifyTableData
D None of the above

Answer: Stapedius
38 Name the muscle that act in opposition to each other?
A Antagonists muscle
B Stapedius muscle
C Skeletal Muscle
D Cardiac Muscles

Answer: Antagonists muscle
39 Name the thinnest bone of human body?
A Fibula
B Incus
C Malleus
D Stapes

Answer: Fibula
40 What does Axial Skeleton consists of:
A Ribs and Sternum
B Vertebral Column
C Skull
D All of the above

Answer: All of the above

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