Transmission and Distribution MCQs | Transmission and Distribution MCQs and Answers for competitive exams

81 Considerable power is taken up for charging
A D.C. transmission
B A.C. transmission
C Electron transmission
D None of these

Answer: A.C. transmission
82 Charging current of a line is more at
A Mid-point
B Sending end
C Receiving end
D One-third of line

Answer: Sending end
83 For bulk power transmission over a long distance, economical method is transmission of
A Higher voltage
B Higher current
C Lower voltage
D None of these

Answer: Higher voltage
84 Angle between sending and receiving end voltage is called
A Power angle
B Torque angle
C Load angle
D All of these

Answer: All of these
85 If a long transmission line is very lightly loaded or left open then the receiving end voltage rises. This effect is called
A Ferranti effect
B Raman effect
C Einstein’s effect
D Joules effect

Answer: Ferranti effect
86 Two terminal networks representing a 3 phase line is called
A Active network
B Passive network
C Either (a) or (b)
D None of these

Answer: Passive network
87 Real part of propagation constant of a transmission line is called
A Phase constant
B Gain constant
C Attenuation constant
D None of these

Answer: Attenuation constant
88 In short lines, regulation and pressure drop are
A Vectorially equal
B Equal in phase
C Numerically equal
D None of these

Answer: Numerically equal
89 Secondary transmission and distribution system are of
A Radial structure
B Ring structure
C Mesh structure
D None of these

Answer: Radial structure
90 For a short line, receiving end voltage is more than sending end for
A Lagging power for
B Leading power factor
C Unity power factor
D None of these

Answer: Leading power factor
91 Synchronous machines can be controlled by
A Terminal voltage and rotor current
B Rotor current and reactance
C Terminal voltage and phase angle
D All of these

Answer: Rotor current and reactance
92 Unit for energy transmission under steady state condition is called
A Static transmission capacity
B Static distribution
C Either (a) or (b)
D None of these

Answer: Static transmission capacity
93 Typical load always consumers
A Active power
B Reactive power
C Inverse power
D None of these

Answer: Reactive power
94 Characteristic impedance of a telephone line is the order of
A 50 Ω
B 75 Ω
C 60 Ω
D 100 Ω

Answer: 75 Ω
95 Difference between surge impedance and characteristic impedance is that in surge impedance
A Line resistance is considered
B Line impedance is assumed to be zero
C Line capacitance is assumed to be zero
D Line resistance is assumed to be zero

Answer: Line resistance is considered
96 Now-a-days copper is replaced by aluminum in line because of
A Scarcity of copper
B Heavy weight of copper
C High cost copper
D Less conductivity of copper

Answer: Scarcity of copper
97 Vertical loading in pole results on account of
A Vibration of conductors
B Dead weight of the equipment
C Conductor tension at angles in lines
D Interference in transmission lines

Answer: Dead weight of the equipment
98 Voltage control method used in transmission system is by
A Tap changing transformers
B Injection of reactive power
C Booster transformer
D All of these

Answer: All of these
99 Concrete pole are used because of their
A Longer life
B Less maintenance cost
C Both (a) and (b)
D None of these

Answer: Both (a) and (b)
100 Booster transformer is located at
A Mid point of line
B Receiving end
C Sending end
D All of these

Answer: Mid point of line

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