What is the Curreny of Algeria ?

Answer :

  • Currency of Algeria is 'Dinar'
  • Name of the Capital of Algeria is 'Algiers'

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A Increase in infrastructure
B To manage resources for investment
C Selections of labour force
D Location of capital works

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A It has extensive dry coast
B It has extensive shallow seas
C Its coastal water are very saline
D Besides producing salt from saline water, it has reserves of rock salt

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A Hardly useful
B Harmful to proper capital markets
C Useful but need strict regulation
D A very important segment to regulate inflation

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A Dry valley
B Saddles
C Sink holes
D V shaped valley

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A Creditors
B Debtors
C Directors
D Shareholders

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A Free good
B Final good
C Producers good
D Consumer’s good

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