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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 27

1 Which one of the following statements about systems approach to organisation is not correct ?
1 It is derived from one general systems theory
2 It leads to certain fundamental principles of organisation
3 It studies the organisation as a whole in relation to its environment
4 It views the organisation and its environment as interdependent for inputs and resources

Answer:It is derived from one general systems theory
2 In his ‘Principles of administration’, Pfiffner did not include :
1 Material and supply
2 Functions and powers of local authorities
3 Methods and procedure
4 Administrative accountability

Answer:Functions and powers of local authorities
3 ‘Public Choice Approach’ to public administration came into existence in the :
1 1890s
2 1920s
3 1940s
4 1960s

4 Who has analyzed leadership in terms of ‘circular response’ ?
1 L. Urwick
2 H. Simon
3 C.I. Barnard
4 M.P. Follett

Answer:M.P. Follett
5 Which one of the following is not a feature of Barnard’s theory of formal organisation ?
1 Common purpose
2 General incentives
3 Communications
4 Willingness to cooperate

Answer:General incentives
6 In which country the practice of ‘once a speaker always a speaker’ is followed ?
2 UK
3 India
4 Switzerland

7 The Supreme Court’s right to judicial review was first established in :
2 India
3 France
4 Switzerland

Answer: USA
8 Which one of the following committees dealt with political activities of civil servants in Britain ?
1 Mastermann Committee
2 Plowden Committee
3 Assheton Committee
4 Northcote-Trevelyan Committee

Answer: Mastermann Committee
9 Functional specialization in the Indian Administrative service was recommended by :
1 First Administrative Reforms Commission
2 Satish Chandra Committee
3 Appleby Report
4 Sarkaria Commission

Answer:First Administrative Reforms Commission
10 ‘Delegated legislation’ is not :
1 Subordinate legislation
2 Executive legislation
3 Ordinance making power
4 Rule making power

Answer:Ordinance making power
11 The system of Efficiency Rating for scientifically assessing the performance of public officials for promotion first originated in :
1 China
2 Japan
3 U.S.A.
4 U.K.

12 Ashok Mehta Committee in 1977 recommended for the establishment of :
1 Nagar Panchayat
2 Panchayat Samiti
3 Maha Panchayat
4 Mandal Panchayat

Answer: Mandal Panchayat
13 Who among the following is associated with the concept of Realistic Liberalism ?
1 E.H. Carr
2 Robert Byrd
3 George Kennan
4 John Herz

Answer:John Herz
14 Which one of the following books was written by E.H. Carr ?
1 The open society and its enemies
2 Twenty years crisis
3 Political Realism and Political Idealism
4 The Realities of American Foreign Policy

Answer:Twenty years crisis
15 Frants Faron was the first scholar to use the term “Third World”. To which country he belonged ?
1 France
2 England
3 Algeria
4 Egypt


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