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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 5

1 Who challenged the established view that in Great Britain the Conservative party was elitist and leader dominated, while the Labour party was characterised by a high measure of internal democracy ?
1 Robert Michels
2 Robert Mekenzie
3 Tony Benn
4 Mosei Ostrogonski

Answer:Robert Mekenzie
2 Bureaucratic authoritarianism is a variant of :
1 Military rule
2 Fascism
3 Communism
4 Despotism

Answer:Military rule


3 Which theory held that as societies developed they would become capitalist democracies, converging around a shared set of values and characteristics ?
1 Dependency Theory
2 Structural Functional Theory
3 Modernization Theory
4 Post-modernization Theory

Answer: Modernization Theory
4 Legitimation crisis as an alternative to Weberian approach to legitimacy was developed by :
1 Miliband and Sweezy
2 Plekhanov and Lenin
3 Camus and Sartre
4 Habermas and Offe

Answer: Habermas and Offe
5 Who said Revolution meant a drastic sudden substitution of one group in charge of the running of a territorial political entity by another ?
1 Hannah Arendt
2 Theda Skocpol
3 Crane Brinton
4 Hubert Johnson

Answer:Crane Brinton
6 Which of the following parties/groups the Cabinet Mission did not recognise ?
1 The Muslim League
2 The Congress
3 The Sikhs
4 The Princes Guild

Answer:The Sikhs
7 When were the rules regarding Department Related Parliamentary standing committees made in India ?
1 1977
2 1981
3 1989
4 2010

Answer: 1989
8 Which of the following state has a seat reserved on the basis of religion in the Legislative Assembly ?
1 Goa
2 Mizoram
3 Jammu and Kashmir
4 Sikkim

9 Who among the following was not a member of the Sarkaria Commission on Centre-State Relations ?
1 Justice R.S. Sarkaria
2 G.V. Ramakrishna
3 B. Shivaraman
4 Dr. S.R. Sen

Answer:G.V. Ramakrishna
10 Since when the Election Commission of India has become a three member body ?
1 1989
2 1990
3 1993
4 2001

11 Which of the following approaches is the precursor of the Ecological approach ?
1 Classical approach
2 Human Relations approach
3 Systems approach
4 Behavioural approach

Answer:Systems approach
12 Who among the following has specified six qualities of an administrator / manager - physical, mental, moral, general education, special knowledge and experience ?
1 Fayol
2 Gulick
3 Urwick
4 Follet

13 Which of the following is an example of auxiliary agency ?
1 Department of Defence
2 Department of Home
3 Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)
4 Public Works Department

Answer:Public Works Department
14 Which one of the following types of bureaucracy tend to exhibit a bias towards party interests ?
1 Caste bureaucracy
2 Patronage bureaucracy
3 Guardian bureaucracy
4 Ruling bureaucracy

Answer: Patronage bureaucracy
15 Which of the following commissions/committees recommended that the financial year should be from January 1 to December 31 ?
1 L.K. Jha Committee
2 Sarkaria Commission
3 Sixth Pay Commission
4 Second Administrative Reforms Commission

Answer: L.K. Jha Committee

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