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Political Science Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Political Science Quiz Set 6

1 Which one of the following types of training prepares future recruits for the public service ?
1 Informal training
2 Formal training
3 Pre - entry training
4 Post - entry training

Answer:Pre - entry training
2 Which of the following combination game theory utilizes to analyse strategic interaction among decision - makers ?
1 Mathematics and Reason
2 Reason and Logic
3 Logic and Rationality
4 Mathematics and Logic

Answer:Logic and Rationality
3 Which one of the following is not a criteria of just war ?
1 Be authorized by a sovereign prince
2 Be proportionate
3 Be pursued for just intent
4 be undeclared

Answer:be undeclared
4 Whose Presidency in America was marked by ‘war on terrorism’ ?
1 George H W Bush
2 George W Bush Jr
3 Bill Clinton
4 Barack Obama

Answer:George W Bush Jr
5 A unipolar condition to which George W Bush Jr referred as a balance of power that favours :
1 Security
2 Cooperation
3 Peace
4 Freedom

6 Which one of the following is not part of ‘Three Pillars’ of R2P (Responsibility to Protect) ?
1 If a state fails to protect its population, International community take collective action in accordance with the UN Charter
2 It is state’s responsibility to protect its population from four mass atrocity crimes
3 It is the responsibility of International Community to protect people from crimes against humanity
4 International Community’s responsibility to assist individual states in meeting the responsibility

Answer:It is the responsibility of International Community to protect people from crimes against humanity
7 The Classical Tradition in political theory is considered to be a common school of enquiry because :
1 Unity in style and manner of argument
2 Unity in themes and style
3 Unity in searching the same goal
4 Unity in having a common vision for humankind

Answer: Unity in style and manner of argument
8 Who described the classical tradition as “Epic theory”?
1 Isaiah Berlin
2 Karl Popper
3 Sheldon Wolin
4 Michael Oakeshott

Answer:Sheldon Wolin
9 Who feared that Marx’s dictatorship of the proletariat would become dictatorship on the proletariat ?
1 Lassalle
2 Proudhon
3 Bakunin
4 Luxemberg

10 Convergence theory pointed out the convergence between :
1 advanced capitalism and developed socialism
2 manufacturing nations and raw material exporting countries
3 national interests in international organizations
4 need to have common policy to fight climate change

Answer:advanced capitalism and developed socialism
11 Mao’s most original contribution was in emphasizing the revolutionary role of the :
1 Proletariat
2 Intelligentsia
3 Combination of the proletariat and the peasantry
4 Peasantry

12 Who questioned the view that Locke was a defender of the Glorious Revolution ?
1 Tawney
2 Sabine
3 Macpherson
4 Ashcraft

13 Which political thinker rejects Aristotle completely ?
1 Machiavelli
2 Hobbes
3 Locke
4 Rousseau

14 Who described Rousseau as a totalitarian democrat ?
1 Karl Popper
2 Carl Friedrich
3 Hannah Arendt
4 Jacob Talmon

Answer:Jacob Talmon
15 Power, not right is the focal point for Hobbes. Why ?
1 Power is more important than right.
2 Rights will entail duties.
3 There is an inherent conflict between power and right.
4 Difficult to obtain agreement among individuals.

Answer:Difficult to obtain agreement among individuals.

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