Public Administration Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Public Administration Quiz - MCQs Set 17

1 Which of the following is not among the values as tests of good management advocated by Millet ?
1 Satisfactory service
2 Responsible performance
3 Good government
4 Professionally approved

Answer: Professionally approved
2 ‘The Idea of Digital Era of Governance’ (DEG) is linked to which of the following ?
1 James M. Buchanan
2 Dennis C. Mueller
3 Patrick Dunleavy
4 Gordon Tullock

Answer: Patrick Dunleavy
3 Which one of the following is the basis for creation of Prime Minister’s office ?
1 Resolution by the Cabinet
2 Order of the President
3 An Act of Parliament
4 Allocation of Business Rules (Govt. of India) 1961

Answer: Allocation of Business Rules (Govt. of India) 1961
4 Article 263 of Indian Constitution deals with which of the following ?
1 Zonal Council
2 Inter-State Council
3 Finance Commission
4 Minorities Commission

Answer: Inter-State Council
5 NITI Aayog is :
1 a staff agency
2 a line agency
3 an auxiliary agency
4 a constitutional agency

Answer: a staff agency
6 Co-ordination and determination of standards in institutions for higher education or research and scientific and technical institutions is mentioned in which of the following List of the Constitution of India ?
1 List I – Union List
2 List II – State List
3 List III – Concurrent List
4 Residuary Matter

Answer: List I – Union List
7 95th Amendment Act, 2010 extended the reservation of seats for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies for another 10 years is upto 2020 by amending which one of the following articles of Indian Constitution ?
1 Article 330
2 Article 332
3 Article 334
4 Article 336

Answer: Article 334
8 Which one of the following is a direction given to the Union Government by the Supreme Court of India on police reforms ?
1 To establish a Police Establishment Board
2 To outline the procedures for selection of Director General of Police
3 To constitute National Security Commission
4 To separate law and order function from the investigating function

Answer: To constitute National Security Commission
9 Mr. X whose date of birth is 2nd March 1955 is appointed as a member of UPSC on 2nd March 2016. Upto which of the following date he can hold office as per the current constitutional provisions ?
1 1-3-2020
2 1-3-2021
3 1-3-2022
4 1-3-2023

Answer: 1-3-2020
10 An intentional course of action followed by a government institution or official for resolving an issue of public concern is known as
1 Public law
2 Public policy
3 Public statement
4 Strategy

Answer: Public policy
11 Which one of the following is not a policy typology developed by Lowi (1964) ?
1 Narrowly concentrated policies
2 Regulatory policies
3 Redistributive policies
4 Distributive policies

Answer: Narrowly concentrated policies
12 Stuart S. Nagel has identified four key elements to policy analysis research. Which one of the following is not one element ?
1 Goals
2 Methods
3 Outcomes
4 Profession of Policy

Answer: Outcomes
13 Which one of the following methods of data collection helps in collecting supplementary information about the informant’s personal characteristics ?
1 Questionnaire
2 Interview
3 Projective Techniques
4 Content Analysis

Answer: Interview
14 “Science begins with observation and must ultimately return to observation for its final validation.” This statement was made by
1 P.V. Young
2 W.J. Goode & P.K. Hatt
3 F.M. Kerlinger
4 H. Russel

Answer: W.J. Goode & P.K. Hatt
15 Which one of the following methods of data collection is independent of people’s willingness to report ?
1 Interview method
2 Observation method
3 Questionnaire method
4 Projective techniques

Answer: Observation method

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