Public Administration Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Public Administration Quiz - MCQs Set 1

1 Kautilya’s ideas on taxation do not relate to :
1 taxing power of state is limited.
2 taxation should not be felt to be heavy or exclusive.
3 tax increase should be graduated.
4 tax increase should be doubled in every five years.

Answer: tax increase should be doubled in every five years.
2 Who among the following propounded the ‘Theory of Justice’ as major ethical framework for Public Administration ?
1 John Stuart
2 John Rawls
3 Robert Dahl
4 Herbert A. Simon

Answer:John Rawls
3 “Accountability refers to the formal and specific location of responsibility, whereas responsibility is personal, moral and not necessarily related to formal power.” Whose statement it is ?
1 Webster’s Dictionary
2 John M. Pfiffner
3 Robert Merton
4 William Scott

Answer: John M. Pfiffner
4 The member of a bureaucracy needs statemanship which cannot be tested through examination. Who said it ?
1 Herald Laski
2 Hegal
3 Karl Marx
4 Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: Karl Marx
5 “It is impossible for humanity to advance its knowledge of organisation unless the factor on structure is isolated from other considerations, however artificial such isolation may appear”. Who made this statement ?
1 Lyndall Urwick
2 M.P. Follet
3 Luther Gullick
4 Henri Fayol

Answer: Luther Gullick
6 According to Herzberg, “Which one of the following is not a determinant of job satisfaction” ?
1 Responsibility
2 Working conditions
3 Supervision
4 Interpersonal relations

Answer: Responsibility
7 In which year, Elton Mayo started research to find out the reasons for unjustified absenteeism ?
1 1924
2 1928
3 1931
4 1943

Answer: 1943
8 Which of the following is not a characteristic of Charismatic leadership ?
1 They have a vision.
2 They are willing to take personal risks to achieve vision.
3 They are sensitive to followers needs.
4 They exhibit ordinary behaviour.

Answer: They exhibit ordinary behaviour.
9 Which of the following is not related to Sensitivity Training ?
1 It promotes interpersonal competence.
2 It enhances dependence and control.
3 It helps in understanding effective group functioning.
4 It develops awareness and acceptance of self.

Answer: It enhances dependence and control.
10 Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding Karl Marx views on bureaucracy ?
1 It is an unnecessary evil.
2 It has a class character.
3 It is the political expression of the division of labour.
4 It can be abolished only when the general interest becomes real.

Answer: It is an unnecessary evil.
11 Who among the following viewed that development administration is characterised by its “purposes”, its “loyalties” and its “attitudes” ?
1 Edward Weidner
2 F.W. Riggs
3 George Gant
4 V.A. Pai Panandikar

Answer: George Gant
12 Who among the following classified administrative structure in less developed countries as Bureaucracy Prominent regimes and Party Prominent Political regimes ?
1 F.W. Riggs
2 Ferrel Heady
3 Comparative Administration Group of USA
4 Robert Jackson

Answer: Ferrel Heady
13 During the Mughal era, the District Collector was known by which of the following name ?
1 Vishay Pati
2 Subedar
3 Karori Faujdar
4 Shikdar

Answer: Karori Faujdar
14 Which one of the following is not an Apex/Independent Office in the organization of the central government ?
1 Cabinet Secretariat
2 Prime Minister’s office
3 President’s Secretariat
4 University Grants Commission

Answer: University Grants Commission
15 In which year the practice for presentation of separate budget of Railway was introduced in India ?
1 1858
2 1893
3 1921
4 1951

Answer: 1921

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