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Agriculture Optional Solved Questions & Answers | GkSeries

96 Triticale' is a cross between
1 wheat and barley
2 wheat and rye
3 wheat and oat
4 wheat and maize

Answer: wheat and rye
97 The main source of agar-agar is
1 alga
2 bacterium
3 fungus
4 virus

Answer: alga


98 Which of the following parts of roots absorbs water and minerals?
1 Root hair
2 Root cap
3 Epidermis
4 Endodermis

Answer: Root hair
99 Citrus greening diseases are transmitted in Asian countries by
1 Trioza erytreae
2 Diaphorina citri
3 nematode
4 fungi

Answer: Diaphorina citri
100 The place of origin of potato is
1 South America
3 India
4 Afghanistan

Answer: South America

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