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APSC Previous Years Solved Questions with Answers | Page-2

11 Which of the following economists developed the United Nations Human Development Index?
A Mahbub ul Haq
B Ashok Desai
C Arvind Panagariya
D Jagadish Bhagawati

Answer: Option [A]
12 The terra-cotta industry in Assam has developed in the district
A Tinsukia
B Goalpara
C Dhubri
D Barak valley

Answer: Option [C]


13 Decentralization planning on the basis of Panchayati Raj institutions was recommended by
A Gadgil committee
B Ashok Mehta committee
C Mahalanobis committee
D Balwant Rai Mehta committee

Answer: Option [D]
14 Which is the largest plain in the world?
A The Prairies
B Siberian plain
C The steppe land
D Indo Gangetic plain

Answer: Option [B]
15 Which among the following seas is without a coastline?
A Sargasso sea
B Black sea
C Sea of Azov
D Mediterranean sea

Answer: Option [A]
16 Panidihing birds Sanctuary is located in which of the following districts of Assam?
A Golaghat
B Sibsagar
C Dhemaji
D Jorhat

Answer: Option [B]
17 The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between
A East India company and the Burmese
B East India company and Ahom king
C British crown and the Ahom king
D British crown and the Burmese

Answer: Option [A]
18 If the Arctic ice is replaced by the dense forest, which of the following situation may arise?
A It will decelerate global warming
B It may or may not effect global warming
C It will accelerate global warming
D It will not have any effect on global warming

Answer: Option [C]
19 The ‘Buranjis’ are
A Chronicles
B Diaries written by the monarchs
C Autobiographical writings of the Ahom rulers
D None of the above

Answer: Option [A]
20 The first session of the Indian National Congress was presided over by
A J.L Nehru
B B.R Ambedkar
C W.C Banerjee
D Sardar Ballabhbhai Patel

Answer: Option [C]

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