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APSC Previous Years Solved Questions with Answers | Page-5

41 The largest source of power supply in India in
A Thermal power
B Nuclear power
C Renewable power
D Hydroelectric power

Answer: Option [A]
42 The Monetary Policy of India is formulated by
A The Ministry of Finance
B The Reserve Bank of India
C The Planning Commission of India
D The National Development Council

Answer: Option [B]


43 The Government of India earns maximum revenue from
A Income tax
B Sales tax
C Corporate tax
D Goods and service tax

Answer: Option [C]
44 Recommendations of which of the following committees are followed for estimating poverty line in India
A Chelliah committee
B Chaturvedi committee
C Chakravarty committee
D Lakdawala committee

Answer: Option [D]
45 In the Eleventh Five Year Plan of India, the largest allocation was for
A Agriculture
B Energy
C Industry
D Social service

Answer: Option [A]
46 The air temperature rises with the height in
A Stratosphere
B Troposphere
C Mesosphere
D Ionosphere

Answer: Option [A]
47 Identify the continent of the world having the highest percentage of area under plain
A Europe
B Oceania
C Asia
D North America

Answer: Option [C]
48 The largest fish exporting region of the world is
A North East Pacific Region
B North East Atlantic Region
C South East Asian Region
D North West pacific Region

Answer: Option [B]
49 The Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet at
A Palani hills
B Annamalai hills
C Cardamom hills
D Nilgiri hills

Answer: Option [D]
50 The first non-Congress Prime Minister of India was
A V.P Singh
B Morarji Desai
C Atal Bihari Vajpayee
D Choudhury Charan Singh

Answer: Option [B]

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