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Important Questions & Answers on Indian History Optional Paper for APSC(Assam Public Service Commission) Prelims | GkSeries

1 Excavation at Harappa was carried out in 1920’s by which of the following archaeologists?
1 Dayaram Sahni, M.S. Vats and Mortimer Wheeler
2 R.D. Banarjee and Sir John Marshall
3 B.K. Thapar and S.R. Rao
4 Makey and George Dales e

Answer: Dayaram Sahni, M.S. Vats and Mortimer Wheeler
2 Which of the following Indus Valley Civilizations is in Pakistan?
1 Lothal
2 Alamgirpur
3 Harappa
4 Kalibangan

Answer: Harappa


3 The Harappans usd the tools made of
1 Copper, bronze and stone
2 Copper,stone and iron
3 Stone,bronze and tin
4 Stone,bronze and iron

Answer: Copper, bronze and stone
4 Which of the following may not be regarded as Vedic Literature proper?
1 Rig Veda
2 Sathapatha Brahmana
3 Kaushitaki Upanishad
4 Dharmasastras

Answer: Dharmasastras
5 The Hindu society in the Vidic Age was divied into four castes based on
1 Tribes
2 Religion
3 Occupation
4 Customs

Answer: Occupation
6 The Harappans grew great variety of crops,like
1 Wheat, barley, pulses, mustard, sesame and cotton
2 Wheat, brrley, mustard and jute
3 Rice, pulses and mustard
4 Barley, rice, bajra and mustard

Answer: Wheat, barley, pulses, mustard, sesame and cotton
7 In Rig-Vedic period, women attended which of the following tribal assemblies?
1 Sabha and Samiti
2 Sabha and Vidatha
3 Vidatha and Gana
4 Samiti and Gana

Answer: Sabha and Vidatha
8 In later-Vedic times, the king’s influence eas strengthened by performing rituals, like
1 Rajasuya sacrifice
2 Rajasuya and Asvamedha only
3 Rajasuya, Asvamedha and Vajapeya
4 None of the above

Answer: Rajasuya, Asvamedha and Vajapeya
9 Jaina religious literature was written in
1 Sanskrit
2 Prakrit
3 Ardhamagadhi
4 Brahmi

Answer: Ardhamagadhi
10 The First Jain Council was held in the 3rd century B. C. at
1 Valabhi
2 Pataliputra
3 Taxila
4 Ujjain

11 The term ‘Brahmanism’ indicates
1 Religious system of the brahmanas
2 Caste system
3 Religious system of the brahmanas as well as the social structure characterized by caste system
4 monopoly to the priestly knowledge

Answer: Religious system of the brahmanas as well as the social structure characterized by caste system
12 The greatest achievement of the Sisunaga dynasty was
1 Destruction of the power of Avanti
2 Fortification of Rajgir
3 Establishment of a powerful army
4 Destruction of the power of the Lichchhavis

Answer: Destruction of the power of Avanti
13 Which of the following revenue items was collected only in cash during the Mauryan period
1 Kara
2 Bhaga
3 Hiranya
4 Political Intelligence

Answer: Hiranya
14 Who among the following according to Ceylonese Chronicles, converted Ashoka to Buddhism?
1 Upagupta
2 Nigrodha
3 Uddaka Ramaputta
4 Asvaghosha

15 Which of the following was the religion of Chandragupta Maurya?
1 Buddhism
2 Hinduism
3 Jainism
4 Vaishnavism


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