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46 The first Battle of Panipat was fought between
1 Ibrahim Lodi and babur
2 Sultan Mahmud and Prithviraj Chouhan
3 Akbar and Bahlal Lodi
4 None of the above

Answer:Ibrahim Lodi and babur
47 Which of the following statement is not true of Ala-ud-din Khilji’s administration?
1 He detached religion from politics
2 He struck a great blow to the traditional influence of the Ulema over the affairs of the state
3 He decentralized the agrarian taxation system
4 He included non-Turk Muslim nobility in his administration

Answer: He decentralized the agrarian taxation system
48 Who among the following was the author of kitab-ul-Hind?
1 Ibn Batuta
2 Al-beruni
3 Abul Fazl
4 Zia-ud-din Barani

Answer: Al-beruni
49 The Tabaqaat-Nasiri was authored by
1 Al-Beruni
2 Amir Khusru
3 Ibn Batuta
4 Minhaj-uj-siraj

Answer: Minhaj-uj-siraj
50 Historians, writing on the eventful reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq,were
1 Ibn Batuta, Ferishta, Badauni Zia-ud-din Barani
2 Abdur Razzaq, Al-Firdausi,Al-Bazi
3 Haji Iliyas, Amir Khusru
4 Malik Muhammad Jayasi, Minhaj-uj-siraj,Medi Ray

Answer: Ibn Batuta, Ferishta, Badauni Zia-ud-din Barani
51 The structure of Qutb Minar was completed by
1 Aram Shah
2 Chauhans of Ajmer and Delhi
3 Qutb-ud-din Aibak
4 Raziya Sultan

Answer: Iltutmish
52 Sher Shah during the spem of his rule
1 Issued the coin called ‘Rupia’
2 Fixed standard weights and measures all over the enpire
3 Built the Grand Trunk Road from Peswar to Calcutta
4 All of the above

Answer: All of the above
53 In administration, Firuz Shah was assisted by the famous Wazir who also a converted Brahmin, named
1 Hasan Gangu
2 Ghiyas-ud-din
3 Khwaja Jahan
4 Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul

Answer:Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul
54 Who among the following is famous for building a large number of canals?
1 Akbar
2 Ala-ud-din Khalji
3 Firuz Tughlaq
4 None of them

Answer: Firuz Tughlaq
55 The rising power of the Vijayanagara empire had many rivals.In the south, the main rivals were
1 Hoysala rulers of Mysore
2 Sultans of Madurai
3 Western Chalukyas
4 Cheras

Answer: Sultans of Madurai
56 The Persion traveler Abdur Razzaq visited Vijayanagara during the reign of
1 Harihara
2 Bukka
3 Deva Raya I
4 Deva Raya II

Answer: Deva Raya II
57 Who among the following was a saint of the Bhakti Movement in Bengal?
1 Kabir
2 Tulsidas
3 Vivekananda
4 Chaitanya

Answer: Chaitanya
58 Battle of Plassey proved to be a step towards the acquisition of
1 territorial supremacy
2 economic rights
3 free trade
4 war indemnity

Answer: territorial supremacy
59 When the revolt of Tughril Khan occurred in Bengal, the Sultan was
1 Firuz Tughlaq
2 Muhammad Tughlaq
3 Ghiyas-ud-din Balban
4 Ala-ud-din Khalji

Answer: Ghiyas-ud-din Balban
60 The Tomb of Babur is at
1 Kabul
2 Lahore
3 Sasaram
4 Delhi

Answer: Kabul
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