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Word Analogy - Questions with Answers for SSC Exam


Select the related words from the given alternatives.

1 Slapstick : Laughter :: Horror : ?
A Fear
B Tears
C Mystery
D Angry

Answer: Option [A]

Slapstick results in laughter; horror results in fear.

2 Army : Soldier :: School : ?
A Principal
B Teacher
C Student
D Peon

Answer: Option [C]


'Army' is an organized military force related to 'soldier' in the same way as school is related to students.

3 Radish : Root :: Rose : ?
A Garden
B Thom
C Fragrance
D Flower

Answer: Option [D]
4 Captain : Team :: Director : ?
A Employee
B Customer
C Organisation
D Union

Answer: Option [C]


As captain is the head of the team, similarly director is the head of the organisation.

5 Musttard : Seed :: carrot : ?
A Root
B Fruits
C Stems
D Flowers

Answer: Option [A]


'Mustard' is 'seeds' in the same way as 'carrot' is roots.

6 Island : Sea :: Oasis : ?
A Pond
B Desert
C Water
D Tree

Answer: Option [B]


An island is located in the sea in the same way as an oasis is located in the desert.

7 Gram : Weight :: Centimetre : ?
A Volumn
B Area
C Sound
D Length

Answer: Option [D]


As gram is the unit of weight, similarly centimetre is the unit of length.

8 Picture : See :: Book : ?
A Box
B Read
C Listen
D Buy

Answer: Option [B]


As picture is used to see, similarly book is used to read.

9 Footwear : Cobbler :: Furniture : ?
A Carpenter
B Goldsmith
C Mason
D Potter

Answer: Option [A]


Footrear is prepared by a cobbler in the same way as furniture is prepared by a carpenter.

10 Umbrage : Offense :: Elation : ?
A Decoration
B Penance
C Jubilance
D Meaning

Answer: Option [C]


Umbrage and offense are synonyms; elation and jubilance are synonyms.



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