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Classification - Questions with Answers for SSC | Bank Exam


Directions: In each of the questions given below, four of the five options are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which option does not belong to the group?

A Violet
B Green
C Blue
D White
E Yellow

Answer: [D]

Except 'White', all others are the colours of the rainbow.

A Tree
B Leaf
C Flower
D Fruit
E Root

Answer: Option [A]

Except 'Tree', all others are the part of a tree.

A Camel
B Cow
C Dog
D Horse
E Fox

Answer: Option [E]

Except 'Fox', all others are pet animals.

A Parent
B Relation
C Uncle
D Cousin
E Child

Answer: Option [B]

All others comes under the relation

A Page
B Paragraph
C Sentence
D Word
E Letter

Answer: Option [A]

All others are parts of a page.

A Picture
B Drawing
C Sketch
D Paint
E Painting

Answer: Option [D]

Picture, Painting, Sketch, Drawing are the result, whereas paint is a material used for such kind of activities.

A Bat
B Cockroach
C Spider
D Mosquito
E Butterfly

Answer: Option [A]

All are insects except bat.


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