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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 12

1 “Economic growth should proceed only in so far as natural resources are recycled rather than depleted, biodiversity is maintained and clean air, water and land are protected.” This statement is related with the concept of
1 Economic development
2 Social development
3 Sustainable development
4 Ethno-development

Answer:Sustainable development
2 In Tebhaga movement, what is meant by Tebhaga ?
1 2/3
2 1/3
3 ¾
4 3

3 Who among the following explained for the first time in sociological literature Jajmani system as patterned interaction among the caste groups ?
1 William Wiser
2 Oscar Lewis
3 A.R. Desai
4 Yogendra Singh

Answer:William Wiser
4 Naxalbari Peasant Movement was launched in the year
1 1967
2 1970
3 1977
4 1956

Answer: 1967
5 Green Revolution is related to
1 Agricultural growth
2 Industrial growth
3 Milk production
4 All the above

Answer:Agricultural growth
6 Fill in the blanks : An institution is composed of _______.
1 Actors and Groups
2 Rules and procedures
3 Values and norms
4 All

Answer: All
7 George Simmel’s classification of group as ‘Monad’, ‘Dyad’, ‘Triad’ is bassed on
1 Physical proximity
2 Nature of membership
3 Social relations
4 Size of the group

Answer:Size of the group
8 An area of social living which is marked by some degree of social coherence and similarity is called
1 Social group
2 Society
3 Community
4 Association

9 C.W. Mills’ perspective takes into account i. Biography ii. Sociography iii. History iv. Geography v. Ethnography Select the correct alternatives :
1 ii only
2 ii and iii only
3 i and iii only
4 i, ii, iv and v only

Answer:i and iii only
10 Which of the following instances may not be considered as a reference- Group behaviour ?
1 Proletarianization
2 Embourgeoisment
3 Sanskritization
4 Modernization

11 Which of the following is a set ofinformal groups ?
1 Clique, faction, caucus
2 Gang, union, dacoits
3 Slum, village, NGO
4 Neighbourhood, Peer group,Panchayat

Answer:Clique, faction, caucus
12 Who argued that the school prepares children to move towardsuniversalistic standards and achieved status of adult society
1 E. Durkheim
2 T. Parsons
3 R.K. Merton
4 K. Davis

Answer:T. Parsons
13 Who defined religion in terms of adistinction between the sacred andthe profone ?
1 B. Malinowski
2 C. LeviStrauss
3 A.R. Radcliffe Brown
4 E. Durkheim

Answer:E. Durkheim
14 The capacity of any person, group or institution to issue commands is called
1 Power
2 Authority
3 Influence
4 Right

15 According to C.W. Mills, the power elite in America comprises those who hold “command posts” in i. The major business corporations ii. The military iii. The Federal Government iv. The State bureaucracy Select the correct alternative :
1 (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
2 (i), (ii) and (iii)
3 (i), (iii) and (iv)
4 (ii), (iii) and (iv)

Answer:(i), (ii) and (iii)

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