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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 16

1 Arrange in the logical order in which P. Berger has explained.
1 Habitualization, institutionalization, legitimation, externalization
2 Content analysis
3 Habitualization, legitimation, externalization, institutionalization
4 Legitimation, institutionalization, habitualization, externalization

Answer:Habitualization, institutionalization, legitimation, externalization
2 Which one of the following was not specified as an objective of social development by the World Development Summit (1995) ?
1 Economic protectionism
2 People empowerment
3 People’s initiatives
4 Strengthening the capacities ofthe people

Answer:Economic protectionism
3 Intersubjective consciousness in every day life is the core area of focus of the
1 Phenomenologist
2 Behaviouralist
3 Cultural pluralist
4 Human ecologist

4 Which one of the following is not correct about P. Berger and T. understanding of Luckman’s knowledge ?
1 They are unconnected with validity of knowledge.
2 They are deeply concerned about the validity of knowledge.
3 They are concerned with the processes through which any body of knowledge get recognized as reality.
4 They focus not upon social facts, but upon the creation of social meaning in human interaction.

Answer: They are deeply concerned about the validity of knowledge.
5 Which of the following is considered to be the ‘Tripartite Pillars of Schutz Theory of Phenomenological Sociology’ ?
1 Life-world, other world and natural attitude
2 Artificiality, other world and Intra-subjectivity
3 Intra-subjectivity, life world and cultural world
4 Life-world, inter subjectivity and natural attitude

Answer:Life-world, inter subjectivity and natural attitude
6 Who among the following isconsidered to the founder ofphenomenological sociology ?
1 J. Habermas
2 A. Schutz
3 H.R. Wagner
4 K. Mannheim

Answer: A. Schutz
7 The ethnomethodology as an approach to study society is concerned with
1 the fundamental bases of social order
2 issue of unequal distribution of power and authority in society
3 distribution of resources in society
4 shape up the social institutions from historical perspective

Answer:the fundamental bases of social order
8 ‘Women’s Rights are human rights’ as an international policy for women’s empowerment was accepted in an International Conference of Women held in
1 Beijing
2 Mexico
3 Nairobi
4 Copenhagen

9 Select the correct statements :On the issue of low status of women in family the socialist feminists argue that gender inequality is i. ideologically linked to their predominant engagement with household responsibility ii. duetheir predominant engagement with unpaid household activities iii. due to the low income of household iv. politically linked to their political passivity Select the correct alternative :
1 i and ii
2 ii and iii
3 ii and iv
4 iii and iv

Answer:i and ii
10 Which one of the following is not correct with regard to the Liberal Feminists view on the State ?
1 The State is potentially a neutral arbiter and lack any ideology of its own.
2 Men have captured the State.
3 Men are pressure group, women are observers.
4 Women should embrace strategies for meaningfully access the state and influence it.

Answer:Men have captured the State.
11 The proportion of the aged (60+) population to the total population of India shows a trend of
1 Stagnation
2 Stagnation
3 Increase
4 Increase in urban but decline rural areas

12 What proportion of India’s urban population live in slums ?
1 Around one-fifth
2 Around one-fourth
3 Around one-third
4 Around one-half

Answer:Around one-fifth
13 What proportion of India’s population does not get safe drinking water as per WHO ?
1 15 %
2 25 %
3 35 %
4 45 %

Answer:15 %
14 Who held the view that Indian tribals were backward Hindus ?
1 G.S. Ghurye
2 Y.B. Damle
3 A.R. Desai
4 N.K. Bose

Answer:G.S. Ghurye
15 Who among the following has used the dialectical approach to the study of Indian Society ?
1 M.N. Srinivas
2 D.P. Mukherjee
3 A. Beteille
4 Y.B. Damle

Answer:D.P. Mukherjee

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