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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 21

1 Who among these theorist were the intellectual fountain heads of conflict theories ?
1 G.H. Mead and Erving Goffman
2 Karl Marx and Max Weber
3 Emile Durkheim and Herbert Spencer
4 Edward Wilson and Charles Darwin

Answer:Karl Marx and Max Weber
2 The reasons for insurgency in the North Eastern region are :
1 Ethnic conflicts and development deprivation
2 Land alienation and poverty
3 Criminalisation of politics and corruption
4 Religious fundamentalism and terrorism

Answer:Ethnic conflicts and development deprivation
3 Who suggested that God is society divinized ?
1 Max Weber
2 E.E. Evans - Pritchard
3 Auguste Comte
4 Emile Durkheim

Answer: Emile Durkheim
4 In an Indian family the parents prepare their daughters to be a good wife/daughter in her in-laws home, this is an example of
1 Socialization
2 Re-socialization
3 Adult socialization
4 Anticipatory socialization

Answer: Anticipatory socialization
5 Which theory among the following states that people are motivated by self-interest in the interactions with other people ?
1 Conflict
2 Exchange
3 Interaction
4 Structural

6 “Sociology is the science of understanding of the meaning of social action.” The proceeding statement was made by
1 Max Weber
2 Auguste Comte
3 Herbert Spencer
4 Emile Durkheim

Answer: Max Weber
7 The idea of ‘imperatively co-ordinated associations’ was given by
1 Karl Marx
2 Max Weber
3 Lewis Coser
4 Ralph Dahrendorf

Answer:Ralph Dahrendorf
8 AccordingtoEmileDurkheim religious practices are best understood as :
1 satisfying the spiritual interests of human beings.
2 helping human beings to get relief from problems of mundane life
3 showing alternatives to the existing practices of collective life
4 contributing to the integration and stability of a society

Answer:contributing to the integration and stability of a society
9 The temporary form of marriage found among Muslims is called
1 Nikah
2 Muta
3 Mehr
4 Purdah

10 The statement “Organizations are arenas for struggle” was given by
1 Randall Collins
2 Karl Marx
3 Ralph Dahrendorf
4 Max Weber

Answer:Randall Collins
11 Who suggested that conflict has a functional importance in society ?
1 Karl Marx
2 Lewis Coser
3 Ralph Dahrendorf
4 Randall Collins

Answer:Lewis Coser
12 Which one of the following statement is not reflective of conflict perspective ?
1 Society as a struggle for resource and power.
2 change is inevitable, often beneficial and can be violent.
3 Society is viewed as a complex system of parts that interact to perform various necessary functions.
4 Conflict between classes determines social change

Answer:Society is viewed as a complex system of parts that interact to perform various necessary functions.
13 Which theory advocates the view that the domain of sociology is the ‘common sense world of everyday life’ ?
1 Functionalism
2 Structuralism
3 Phenomenology
4 Exchange theory

14 Which one of the following is not an element of symbolic interactionism ?
1 The self
2 The Ego
3 Symbols
4 Role – Taking

Answer:The Ego
15 Rewards and punishment associated with role expectations are called
1 Mores
2 Sanctions
3 Norms
4 Values


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