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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 22

1 Which one of the following is not an example of social action ?
1 Two persons exchanging blows after a collision of their bicycles
2 Two cyclists expressing regrets to each other after their bicycles collide
3 Two cyclists going their respective ways without taking note of each other.
4 Two cyclists coming from opposite directions trying to give way to each other.

Answer:Two cyclists going their respective ways without taking note of each other.
2 “An Outline of Social Psychology” is written by
1 C.H. Cooley
2 Sigmund Freud
3 Muzafer Sherif
4 G.H. Mead

Answer:Muzafer Sherif
3 The idea of ‘culture of poverty’ was introduced by whom ?
1 Oscar Lewis
2 Abel Smith
3 Somuel Mencher
4 Peter Townsend

Answer: Oscar Lewis
4 The theory that views people as “Stage managers” managing impressions presented to the world is
1 Role theory
2 Dramaturgy
3 Looking Glass Self
4 Dialectual theory

5 Which of the following does NOT characterize Herbert Blumer’s theory of symbolic interactionism ?
1 The essence of society is found in actors and action.
2 Society is made up of macro structures.
3 Large-scale structures emerge from micro processes.
4 Collective action gives rise to joint action.

Answer:Society is made up of macro structures.
6 Definite procedures or rules which people are expected to observe are known as
1 Norms
2 Values
3 Institutions
4 Group behavior

Answer: Norms
7 Religion, marriage, family, caste are example of
1 social values
2 social institutions
3 social norms
4 social segmental division of society

Answer:social institutions
8 Who is most generally regarded as the founder of symbolic interactionism ?
1 Herbert Blumer
2 George Herbert Mead
3 Max Weber
4 Anthony Giddens

Answer:George Herbert Mead
9 Which is not a form of social stratification ?
1 Religion
2 Class
3 Caste
4 Gender

10 The maintenance provided by the husband to the divorced wife is called
1 Dower
2 Mehr
3 Alimony
4 Bride price

11 Which of the following is not true in the context of culture ?
1 Culture is cultivated.
2 Culture and Civilization are two faces of the same coin.
3 Culture refers to non-material while civilization to material aspects.
4 Culture is what we have while the civilization is what we are.

Answer:Culture is what we have while the civilization is what we are.
12 Karl Marx did not mention class conflict between
1 The Haves and Havenots
2 The Rich and the Poor
3 The Bourgeois and the Proletariat
4 The capitalists and the working class

Answer:The Rich and the Poor
13 Which one of the following is not an agency of socialization ?
1 Family
2 School
3 Peer - Group
4 Media

14 Which one of the following is not an element of community ?
1 Territory
2 We - feeling
3 Cultural diversity
4 Self sufficiency

Answer:Cultural diversity
15 Who has propounded that “the primary groups are the nursery of human nature” ?
1 Charles H. Cooley
2 George Herbert Mead
3 Ralf Dahrendorf
4 Karl Marx

Answer:Charles H. Cooley

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