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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 23

1 Who has authored the book ‘Society in India’ ?
1 A.P. Barnabas
2 Andre Beteille
3 Kingsley Davis
4 David G. Mandelbaum

Answer:David G. MandelbaumDavid G. Mandelbaum
2 Who argues that families are factories which produce human personalities ?
1 M.G. Smith
2 D.H.J. Morgon
3 MuzaG.P. Murdock
4 T. Parsons

Answer:T. Parsons
3 According to Anthony Giddens, ‘structure’ is
1 itself the form and shape of human life
2 outside or external to human action
3 itself exists in time and space
4 and enablingconstraining

Answer: and enablingconstraining
4 Who described the phenomenon ofglobalization in today’s world as ‘globalization of nothing’
1 George Ritzer
2 Jean Baudrillard
3 Anthony Giddens
4 Michel Foucault

Answer:George Ritzer
5 ‘The Social Construction of Reality’ was authored by
1 Peter Berger
2 Brigette Berger and Peter Berger
3 Peter Berger and T. Luckmannü
4 Niklas Luhman

Answer:Peter Berger and T. Luckmannü
6 Who stated “Ethnicity and Ethnic grouping are ‘primordial factors’ in the sense that they are given in the very condition of human existence” ?
1 Fredrick Barth
2 Clifford Geertz
3 Max Weber
4 Michael Garfield Smith

Answer: Clifford Geertz
7 Who divided the Chicago city into five zones in order to explain the incidences of Juvenile delinquency ?
1 C.R. Shaw and H.D. McKay
2 A. Cohen
3 E.H. Sutherland
4 G. Tarde

Answer:C.R. Shaw and H.D. McKay
8 Who is the author of the book ‘The Ultimate Resource’ ?
1 Paul Ehrlich
2 Julian Linken Simon
3 Frank Notestein
4 Kingsley Davis

Answer:Julian Linken Simon
9 Which of the following approaches encompass the programmes drawn on poverty alleviation, welfare and equity ?
1 Women in Development
2 Women and Development
3 Gender and Development
4 Women, Environment and Development

Answer:Women in Development
10 “Sampurnanand Ashram” is associated with which of the following ?
1 Borstal School
2 Open Jail
3 Closed Jail
4 Remand Home

Answer:Open Jail
11 Who coined the concept of Vote Bank ?
1 Rajani Kothar
2 M.N. Srinivas
3 Yogendra Yadav
4 A.R. Desai

Answer:M.N. Srinivas
12 Rural development programmes resulted into which one of the following most undesirable social situation in the Indian rural society ?
1 De-peasantisation and suicides.
2 De-peasantisation.
3 Richness of farmers.
4 Suicide among peasants

Answer:The Rich and the Poor
13 Higher child Dependency Ratio is consequence of
1 Increasing life expectancy at birth.
2 Higher proportion of child labour.
3 High fertility rate.
4 Migration of elderly people.

Answer:High fertility rate.
14 ‘Incarceration’ means
1 Freedom
2 Punishment
3 Furlough
4 Probation

15 Transformation of Human Societies from agrarian to industrial and to post- industrial has widely been shaped by :
1 Technological innovations
2 Application of knowledge forproductivity
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Training for work

Answer:Both (A) and (B)

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