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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 24

1 Who has given the concept of ‘Born Criminal’ ?
1 Sutherland
2 Lombroso
3 Tarde
4 Gillin

2 Who used the term ‘New International Division of Labour’ (NIDL) to describe the substantial relocation of operations to Third World countries ?
1 F. Frobel
2 E. Durkheim
3 Auguste Comte
4 Adam Smith

Answer:F. Frobel
3 Through which process the worker’s benefits are derived in an Industry
1 Arbitration
2 Conciliation
3 Collective Bargaining
4 Adjudication

Answer: Collective Bargaining
4 Who mentioned Alienation as the consequence of division of labour ?
1 Sorokin
2 Durkheim
3 Gillin
4 Marx

5 Knowledge based development does not depend on :
1 Knowledge Accumulation
2 Knowledge Dissemination
3 Knowledge for Assumption
4 Knowledge for Production

Answer:Knowledge for Assumption
6 Which is not an attribute of rural society ?
1 Joint family
2 Pre-dominance of naturalenvironment
3 Max Weber
4 Rural differentiation

Answer: Rural differentiation
7 By which constitutional amendment the words “Secularism, Socialismand Integrity” have been included inits preamble
1 Fourth Amendment 1955
2 Seventh Amendment 1956
3 Fourteenth Amendment 1962
4 Forty-second Amendment 1976

Answer:Forty-second Amendment 1976
8 ‘Live-in relationship’ is a recent phenomenon visible and accepted in which society ?
1 Tribal
2 Rural
3 Urban
4 Cosmopolitan

9 Major focus of Environment Conference Rio-92 was on ;
1 Human Development
2 Sustainable Development
3 Poverty Reduction
4 Population Control

Answer:Sustainable Development
10 Who has authored the book on “Social Mobility in Industrial Society” ?
1 S.M. Lipset and R. Bendix
2 R.K. Merton
3 P.L. Berger
4 R. Bendix

Answer:S.M. Lipset and R. Bendix
11 Who has written the book “Class and Class Conflict in Industrial Society” ?
1 Karl Marx
2 R. Dahrendorf
3 Max Weber
4 R.K. Merton

Answer:R. Dahrendorf
12 Which is not an Indicator of Globalization ?
1 Free movement of labour & manpower
2 Free flow of foreign capital for investment
3 Free flow of defence technology
4 Free flow of foreign capital technology

Answer:Free flow of defence technology
13 Select one of the following set of processes leading to stable population structure.
1 Constant birth and death rate
2 Increasing birth rate and constant death rate
3 Decreasing birth rate and increasing death rate
4 Constant birth rate and decreasing death rate

Answer:Constant birth and death rate
14 Which of the following refers to gender equity ?
1 Economic empowerment
2 Egalitarian relationship
3 Women’s freedom and liberty
4 Equal access to power, and other resources

Answer:Equal access to power, and other resources
15 According to census of India 2011,which of the following is not correct ?
1 Decadal growth rate of rural population has declined in 2001-2011 over 1991-2001.
2 For every 10 urban dwellers in million plus cities/urban agglomerations 4 live in 5 such largest cities.
3 The state of Gujarat has the largest number of cities/urban agglomeration with a population of one million or more.
4 Sex ratio has increases in 2011 over 2001 in million plus cities.

Answer:The state of Gujarat has the largest number of cities/urban agglomeration with a population of one million or more.

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