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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 25

1 Those attitudes or behaviour that confirm to the norms of one’s own sex are known as
1 Gender Identity
2 Gender Appropriate
3 Gender System
4 Gender Sensitisation

Answer:Gender Appropriate
2 In a mature form, the modern ‘Demographic Transition’ model theory is associated with
1 Kingsley Davis
2 Frank Notestein
3 Thomas Malthus
4 W.W. Roskow

Answer:Frank Notestein
3 Who has authored the book “Social Deviance in India” ?
1 Sushil Chandra
2 M.Z. Khan
3 S.P. Srivastava
4 R. Ahuja

Answer: Sushil Chandra
4 Which one of the following is not a focus in population education in India ?
1 Create awareness relating to urbanization and environment problems.
2 Develop awareness on population dynamics.
3 Make a major instrument to control population.
4 Create knowledge of population policy.

Answer:Make a major instrument to control population.
5 Who argued that Merton failed to account for ‘non-utilitarian crime’ such as vandalism and joy-riding which do not produce monetary reward ?
1 W.B. Miller
2 Albert K. Cohen
3 R.A. Cloward
4 L.E. Ohlin

Answer:Albert K. Cohen
6 Which of the following communicable diseases is yet to be completely eradicated in India ?
1 Tuberculosis
2 Cholera
3 Small Pox
4 None of the above

Answer: Tuberculosis
7 Which of the following institutions reinforce the cultural dominance of patriarchy encouraging violence against women by reducing women to bodies and objectifying ?
1 Family
2 Media
3 Educational Institution
4 Religion

8 Who discussed about the ‘techniques of Neutralization’ among the Juvenile delinquency in America ?
1 A.K. Cohen
2 E.H. Sutherland
3 D. Matza and G. Sykes
4 W.B. Miller

Answer:D. Matza and G. Sykes
9 Who observed that knowledge and power coexist and mutually support one another
1 J. Derrida
2 A. Giddens
3 J. Habermas
4 M. Foucault

Answer: M. Foucault
10 Correctional Institutions help reforming the Juvenile delinquents, the process of reformation is otherwise called as -
1 Anticipatory Socialization
2 Adult Socialization
3 Re-socialization
4 Rehabilitation

11 Who suggested to study Rural-urban continuum first, in sociological research ?
1 A. Sorokin and Zimmerman
2 Robert Redfield
3 Mckin Marriot
4 G.S. Ghurye

Answer:A. Sorokin and Zimmerman
12 Which of the following is not associated with the‘Absolute Poverty’ ?
1 Poverty line
2 Deprivation index
3 Basic necessities of life
4 Material deprivation

Answer:Deprivation index
13 Which of the following is the essential component of ‘social exclusion’
1 Denial of quality food
2 Denial of employment
3 Denial of social rights
4 Denial of housing

Answer:Denial of social rights
14 The process of social change to which people attribute positive values is termed as :
1 Globalization
2 Urbanization
3 Development
4 Economic Growth

Answer: Development
15 Who authored the Book, “More Equality” ?
1 Herbert J. Gans
2 J.C. Kincaid
3 A.K. Sen
4 A. Gorz

Answer:Herbert J. Gans

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