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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 27

1 The term ‘total institution’ means and includes
1 Organized establishment
2 Little possibility of escape from the norms
3 Little possibility of escape from the rules of administrative structure
4 All the above

Answer:All the above
2 A statistical measure based on the study of entire population is called ______
1 Parameters
2 Statistics
3 Inference
4 Universe

3 Who has written the book “Deschooling Society” ?
1 K. Davis and W.E. Moore
2 R. Collins
3 I. Illich
4 S. Bowles and H. Gintiz

Answer: I. Illich
4 The pivotal methodology of functionalists is
1 Conjectural history
2 Library work
3 Field work
4 Content analysis

Answer:Field work
5 Which among the following is not an indicator of change in the social structure ?
1 Feudal to Industrial Society
2 Industrial to Feudal Society
3 Feudal to Capitalist Society
4 Male dominance in Society

Answer:Male dominance in Society
6 Who among the Indian Sociologists, is known to have written on ‘Sociology of Values’ ?
1 G.S. Ghurye
2 Radha Kamal Mukherjee
3 D.P. Mukherjee
4 A.K. Saran

Answer: Radha Kamal Mukherjee
7 Research carried out in order to improve social situation for the betterment of individuals or social group or an organisation is called
1 Survey Research
2 Action Research
3 Qualitative Research
4 None of the above

Answer:Action Research
8 If the two variables are varying in their values in opposite direction, then it is called
1 Positive correlation
2 Linear correlation
3 Negative correlation
4 Partial correlation

Answer:Negative correlation
9 Who one among the following maintains that social structure has nothing to do with empirical reality ?
1 A.F. Nadel
2 L. Firth
3 Levi-Strauss
4 R.K. Merton

10 By which one of the following methods we analyse the documented communication in a systematic and objective way for identifying specified characteristics ?
1 Case Study
2 Association Techniques
3 Content Analysis
4 None of the above

Answer:Content Analysis
11 Which one of the following thinkers stated that ‘man who classifies facts of any kind whatever, who sees their mutual relation and describes their sequences is applying scientific method and is a man of science’ ?
1 K. Popper
2 E. Nagel
3 J. Galtung
4 Karl Pearson

Answer:Karl Pearson
12 Who among the following is a critic of Kingsly Davis’ theory of social stratification
1 Louis Dumon’t
2 M.M. Tumin
3 Robert Merto
4 Talcott Parsons

Answer:M.M. Tumin
13 Who has written the book “A Scientific Theory of Culture” ?
1 E.B. Tylor
2 P.M. Sorokin
3 B. Malinowski
4 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown

Answer:B. Malinowski
14 Who has stated, “sociology is the scientific study of human life, groups and societies” ?
1 T.B. Bottomore
2 Talcott Parsons
3 Talcott Parsons
4 Anthony Giddens

Answer: Anthony Giddens
15 The sum of deviations of all the items from mean is always
1 1
2 0
3 2
4 6


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