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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 29

1 By including the concept ‘dominant caste’ in the concept of Sanskritization, Srinivas
1 undermines the ritual element of culture
2 overemphasises the secular elements
3 broadens the connotation of the term Sanskritic to include both the sacred and secular elements of culture
4 includes elements of western influence on traditional rural structure

Answer:broadens the connotation of the term Sanskritic to include both the sacred and secular elements of culture
2 Who has argued that ‘even the change in Indian society has to be studied by studying its deep rooted traditions’ ?
1 A.K. Saran
2 D.P. Mukherjee
3 A.R. Desai
4 M.N. Srinivas

Answer:D.P. Mukherjee
3 Which book celebrated its 50th year of publication and remained classic during these years in relation to its contribution to the study of Tradition and Modernity in India ?
1 Social Change in Modern India
2 Caste, Class and Power
3 Village India
4 Modernization of Indian Traditions

Answer: Modernization of Indian Traditions
4 Which among the following are obstacles in the path way to Nation building in India ?
1 Hierarchical social order
2 Economic inequalities
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Western educated leadership

Answer:Both (A) and (B)
5 Among the following who made a critical appropriation of Husserl’s approach of phenomenology ?
1 Alfred Schultz
2 Luckmann
3 Peter Berger
4 None of the above

Answer:Alfred Schultz
6 Population pyramid is basically meant for explaining
1 Spatial distribution of a given population
2 Demographic rates of a given population
3 Age-sex composition of a given population
4 Growth rates of a given population

Answer: Age-sex composition of a given population
7 Who in the Book “The Social Reality of Religion” has suggested that Sociologists should adopt a methodologically atheist stance and not seek to discuss whether religion is anything more than a social creation ?
1 Peter Berger
2 Alfred Schultz
3 Luckmann
4 None of the above

Answer:Peter Berger
8 Indian village has lost its self-sufficiency due to
1 Impact of Green Revolution
2 The breakdown of Jajmani System
3 The interaction with urban fringe
4 All the above

Answer:All the above
9 When spouses are legally recognised as living in separate households, but are not free to remarry, it is called
1 Judicial separation
2 Divorce
3 Desertion
4 Marital-termination of spouses

Answer:Judicial separation
10 Who revealed that in Rural Society, the main cause of factions are wealth, women and land (Jar, Joru and Jamin) ?
1 Oscar Lewis
2 Louis Dumon’t
3 Louis Wirth
4 A.R. Desai

Answer:Oscar Lewis
11 Who has written the book “The Consequences of Modernity” ?
1 Jurgen Habermass
2 Anthony Giddens
3 Jacques Derrida
4 Michel Foucault

Answer:Jacques Derrida
12 Which type of family among the following is emerging in India due to rise of Multinational Corporations and I.T. industry ?
1 Twin city family
2 Nuclear family
3 Joint family
4 Extended family

Answer:Twin city family
13 Who initiated the theoretical and specialist approach within Sociology which sets out to uncover the methods and social competence to employ in constructing our sense of reality
1 E. Goffman
2 H. Garfinkel
3 A. Giddens
4 Luckmann

Answer:H. Garfinkel
14 The term ‘Sons of the Soil’ was coined by
1 Myron Weiner
2 D.J. Bogue
3 M.N. Srinivas
4 A. Chandrasekhar

Answer:Myron Weiner
15 In our country for the first time in 1976 India’s Population Policy was prepared under the Chairmanship of
1 Dr. K. Srinivasan
2 Dr. Karan Singh
3 Dr. C. Chandrasekharan
4 Dr. M.S. Swaminathan

Answer:Dr. Karan Singh

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