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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 30

1 Which one of the following is not a reason for declining female sex ratio in India ?
1 Gender role stereotyping and traditional role expectations.
2 Practice of dowry and prevalence of girl child discrimination.
3 Migration of female work force from rural to urban areas.
4 Sex selective abortion

Answer:Migration of female work force from rural to urban areas.
2 The slogan “Save Planet Earth” came from
1 Rio-earth Summit
2 Copenhagen Summit
3 Jakarta Summit
4 Tehran Summit

Answer:Rio-earth Summit
3 In Anthony Gidden’s theory of structuration primacy is granted to _____
1 Structure
2 Agency
3 Both structure and agency
4 Neither of the two (structure, agency)

Answer: Neither of the two (structure, agency)
4 To Karl Marx, alienation of worker is due to his alienation from
1 the product and productive activity
2 the family
3 human potential
4 the society

Answer:the product and productive activity
5 Who considered modernity as an unfinished project ?
1 J. Derrida
2 A. Giddens
3 L. Althuser
4 J. Habermas

Answer:J. Habermas
6 Who wrote “Natural and Political Observations on the Bills of Mortality”
1 Guillard A.
2 Thompson, Warren
3 John Graunt
4 Notestein Frank

Answer: John Graunt
7 Rapid industrialisation has increased the rate of white-collar crimes among
1 Businessmen
2 Agricultural labour
3 Office clerks
4 School teachers

8 The programme that aims to bring over all development in the community in India is called as
1 Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojna
2 Antyodaya Yojna
3 Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna
4 Community Development Programme

Answer:Community Development Programme
9 Which of the following is not responsible for the increased life span in India ?
1 Advancement in medical science and technology
2 Control of epidemics
3 Improvement in the health care services
4 Declining birth rate

Answer:Declining birth rate
10 Which among the following were dominant features on which New Panchayati Raj was introduced ?
1 Participation of women
2 Participation of SC’s and ST’s
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 Participation of youth

Answer:Both (A) and (B)
11 Who stated that “Sociology in India stands at the confluence of Indology and Sociology, as the right kind of “mix” prerequisite to the understanding of Indian society” ?
1 F.G. Bailey
2 Louis Dumont
3 Y. Singh
4 M.N. Roy

Answer:Louis Dumont
12 Jacques Derrida has reduced language to which one of the following ?
1 To ‘writing’ which constrains its subjects.
2 To ‘writing’ which does not constrain its subjects.
3 Both (A) and (B)
4 None of the above

Answer:To ‘writing’ which does not constrain its subjects.
13 Who found an epistemological break between Marx’s early philosophical work and his later scientific theories and knowledge ?
1 Alfred Schultz
2 J. Alexander
3 L. Althuser
4 T. Berten

Answer:L. Althuser
14 Who wrote the book “Studies in Ethnomethodology” ?
1 E. Goffman
2 Peter Berger
3 H. Garfinkel
4 None of the above

Answer:H. Garfinkel
15 Borstal School and Remand Homes are meant for the correction of
1 Adult offenders
2 Habitual offenders
3 Juvenile delinquents
4 Hardened offenders

Answer:Juvenile delinquents

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