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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 31

1 Which of the following statements is not the indicative of the reflection of social structure in the industrial organisations ?
1 Predominance of social elites in the managerial groups.
2 Predominance of women in the Board of Directors.
3 Predominance of socially disadvantaged people as sanitary workers.
4 Predominance of women as receptionists

Answer:Predominance of women in the Board of Directors.
2 Who among the following sociologists has studied Indian National Movement by using Marxian perspective ?
1 Ram Krishna Mukherjee
2 A.R. Desai
3 Bipin Chandra
4 D.N. Dhanagare

Answer:A.R. Desai
3 Who opined that ‘A scientific-empirical study of Indian Society is not possible’ ?
1 Ram Krishna Mukherjee
2 D.P. Mukherjee
3 A.K. Serom
4 S.C. Dube

Answer: A.K. Serom
4 Who described Globalization as an intensification of worldwide social relations, through which far away places are linked together in such a way that events in one place are effected by process taking place many miles away and vice-versa ?
1 D. Nayyar
2 Anthony Giddens
3 Y. Singh
4 Amartya Sen

Answer:Anthony Giddens
5 Jacques Derrida has mainly focussed upon
1 deconstruction of language of people
2 deconstruction of logocentrism
3 deconstruction of structure that constrains people
4 deconstruction of enslaved theatre

Answer:deconstruction of logocentrism
6 Who among the following has defined patriarchy as a “set of social relations between men, which have a material base and which though hierarchical, establish or create interdependence and solidarity among men that enable them to dominate women” ?
1 Esther Boserup
2 Sandra Harding
3 Heidi Hartmann
4 Nancy Hartsock

Answer: Heidi Hartmann
7 Fashionable especially in the 1970s, in whose works will you find a structuralist version of Marxism ?
1 Louis Althuser
2 J. Derrida
3 J. Habermas
4 A. Giddens

Answer:Louis Althuser
8 Who has given the concept of “Born Criminal” ?
1 C. Lombroso
2 E.H. Sutherland
3 E. Durkheim
4 G. Torde

Answer:C. Lombroso
9 Which type of Agrarian relations existed during the feudal mode of production in agriculture
1 Jajmani relations
2 King-Servant relations
3 Marter-Servant relations
4 Patron-Client relations

Answer:Patron-Client relations
10 Which one of the following factors contributes to regional disparities in India ?
1 Population growth
2 Sex ratio
3 Proper economic programmes
4 Economic development

Answer:Economic development
11 Which of the following combinations contribute to the weakening of trade unions in India
1 Globalisation and organisational network
2 Increased industrial democracy and declining class consciousness
3 Increased participatory management and collective bargaining
4 Increased welfare provisions and labour legislation

Answer:Increased industrial democracy and declining class consciousness
12 The concept of ‘positivism’ was coined by which one of the following
1 Karl Marx
2 C.H. Cooley
3 Auguste Comte
4 Emile Durkheim

Answer:Auguste Comte
13 Methods of Sociology include
1 Ideal Method
2 Comparative Method
3 Statistical Method
4 All the above

Answer:All the above
14 An example of community is :
1 A Trade Union
2 Varna
3 A political party
4 Tribal group

Answer:Tribal group
15 Which one is an example of Social Institution ?
1 Caste
2 Family
3 Marriage
4 All the above

Answer:All the above

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