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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 33

1 Who has given the ‘binary classificatory systems’ in the context of the study of human mind ?
1 Sigmund Freud
2 H.H. Hyman
3 Claude Levi-Strauss
4 B. Malinowski

Answer:Claude Levi-Strauss
2 Who has classified roles as ‘Pivotal, sufficiently relevant and peripheral’ in the theory of social structure ?
1 S.F. Nadel
2 G.P. Murdock
3 Talcott Parsons
4 Herbert Spencer

Answer:S.F. Nadel
3 In explaining his views on Division of Labour, Durkheim invoked which theory ?
1 Darwinian Principle
2 Canon’s Principle
3 Marxian Principle
4 Spencer’s Principle

Answer:Darwinian Principle
4 Whose name is associated with Verstehen approach ?
1 E. Durkheim
2 F. Tonnies
3 Max Weber
4 W.G. Sumner

Answer:Max Weber
5 Of the following who has written on ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ ?
1 T. Parsons
2 R.K. Merton
3 Max Weber
4 V. Pareto

Answer:R.K. Merton
6 Who has classified religion and magic as sacred and science as unholy ?
1 Morgan
2 Malinowski
3 Radcliffe-Brown
4 Durkheim

Answer: Malinowski
7 Who among the following has considered human society as a moving equilibrium ?
1 T. Parsons
2 R.K. Merton
3 Max Weber
4 None of these

Answer:T. Parsons
8 Who classified action in logical and non-logical categories ?
1 Max Weber
2 T. Parsons
3 V. Pareto
4 G.H. Mead

Answer:V. Pareto
9 Symbolic interactionism is a sociological perspective that places emphasis on :
1 Macro level social interaction
2 Micro scale social interaction
3 Interactions between social and non-social entities
4 None of these

Answer:Micro scale social interaction
10 Who made a distinction between “class in itself” and “class for itself” to reflect the movement from a class’s potential self awareness to actual self-awareness ?
1 Karl Marx
2 R. Dahrendorf
3 L.A. Coser
4 R. Collins

Answer:Karl Marx
11 Considering both conflict and consensus are the two sides of the same coin, who felt that handling both the faces was difficult ?
1 R. Dahrendorf
2 L.A. Coser
3 G. Simmel
4 K. Marx

Answer:R. Dahrendorf
12 Who made it clear that the focus on conflict should not be ideological but rather it should be a focus on the central process in social life on the realistic ground ?
1 L.A. Cosev
2 R. Collins
3 R. Dahrendorf
4 G. Simmel

Answer:R. Collins
13 The book “The Idea of Social Sciences” has been written by :
1 P. Winch
2 Robert Redfield
3 A.R. Louch
4 Malinowski

Answer:P. Winch
14 The concept of ‘intersubjectivity’ has been used in the writings of which Sociologist ?
1 Edmund Husserl
2 Peter Burger
3 Harold Garfinkel
4 Alfred Schutz

Answer:Alfred Schutz
15 The difference between ‘value - judgement’ and ‘value - reference’ has been given by
1 Herbert Spencer
2 Karl Manheim
3 Max Weber
4 A.R. Radcliffe – Brown

Answer:Max Weber

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