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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 35

1 According to Habermas’s view in modern societies science and technical rationality function as :
1 Raising fundamental questions about human ends
2 Ideologies
3 Reason against ignorance
4 Reason against oppression

2 According to L. Althusser the mode of production involves complex articulation of :
1 only economic practices
2 only political practices
3 economic, political and ideological practices
4 economic and political practices

Answer:economic, political and ideological practices
3 Who has considered ‘modernity as an unfinished project’ ?
1 J. Derrida
2 A. Giddens
3 L. Althusser
4 J. Habermass

Answer:J. Habermass
4 Who popularised the conception of an ‘epistemological break’ between young Marx and the mature Marx ?
1 L. Althusser
2 J. Habermass
3 J.C. Alexander
4 R. Dahrendorf

Answer:L. Althusser
5 Which among the following is not the work of Michel Foucault ?
1 Forms of Talk
2 History of Sexuality
3 Madness and Civilization
4 Discipline and Punish

Answer:Forms of Talk
6 Which one of the following concepts is not given by Derrida ?
1 Cultural Capital
2 Logocentrism
3 Deconstruction
4 Difference

Answer: Cultural Capital
7 Which of the following constitutes an important methodological component in Foucault’s works ?
1 Structuration Theory
2 Archaeology of Knowledge
3 Phenomenological Perspective
4 Symbolic Interactionism

Answer:Archaeology of Knowledge
8 Which of the following concepts Giddens uses in his theory of structuration ?
1 Dual Analysis
2 Dual Roles
3 Duality of structure
4 Structural dualism

Answer:Duality of structure
9 To whom, the sign, strictly speaking, must always stand ‘under erasure’, as necessary but inadequate ?
1 Louis Althusser
2 Michel Foucault
3 Anthony Giddens
4 Jacques Derrida

Answer:Jacques Derrida
10 Which of the following is not the feature of caste system ?
1 Hierarchy
2 Hereditary occupation
3 Exogamous marriages
4 Untouchability

Answer:Exogamous marriages
11 “Caste is a Brahmanic child of Indo-Aryan culture craddled in the land of Ganges and thence transferred to other parts of India”. Whose statement is this ?
1 D.P. Mukherjee
2 M.N. Srinivas
3 G.S. Ghurye
4 L. Dumont

Answer:G.S. Ghurye
12 Who did extensive field work in North East Frontiers Agency of India for his research work ?
1 N.K. Bose
2 D. Hardiman
3 Surajit Sinha
4 D.P. Mukherji

Answer:N.K. Bose
13 Who did field research among the Jwang tribes of Orissa ?
1 G. S. Ghurye
2 N. K. Bose
3 David Hardiman
4 Surajit Sinha

Answer:N. K. Bose
14 Ethnicity refers to :
1 Achieved socio - cultural attributes
2 Inherited socio - cultural attributes
3 Inherited socio - cultural attributes
4 Inherited and achieved socio - cultural attributes

Answer:Inherited socio - cultural attributes
15 The concept “Culture of Poverty” was introduced by :
1 Oscar Lewis
2 Michal Harrington
3 Walter B. Miller
4 Kenneth Little

Answer:Oscar Lewis

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