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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 36

1 Ashis Bose is well known for his concept of :
1 Demographic Transition
2 Demographic Transition
3 BIMARU States
4 Sustainable Development

Answer:BIMARU States
2 Which type of developmental projects displaced minimum number of persons ?
1 Dams
2 Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks
3 Industrial establishment
4 Mines

Answer:Wildlife Sanctuaries and Parks
3 Which among the ‘Special Category States’ has the highest growth rate in state domestic products during 11th Five Year Plan ?
1 Arunachal Pradesh
2 Sikkim
3 Uttarakhand
4 Himachal Pradesh

4 Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act was passed in which year ?
1 1988
2 2001
3 2004
4 2005

5 Imitation Theory of deviance’ was propounded by :
1 H. S. Becker
2 G. Tarde
3 E. Durkheim
4 S. Cohen

Answer:G. Tarde
6 The key concept in labelling theory is that of :
1 Acceptance
2 Stigma
3 Motivation
4 Aspiration

Answer: Stigma
7 Nepotism, favouritism and misuse of power’ are all examples of :
1 Social inequality
2 Corruption
3 Conflict
4 White collar crime

8 The following four pairs of writers which one is not associated with the study of crime and deviance ?
1 Sutherland and Cracy
2 Elliott and Merill
3 Coser and Rosenberg
4 Berns and Teeter

Answer:Coser and Rosenberg
9 “In India, caste associations, which are otherwise typical symbol of tradition, have increasingly been found to serve the ends of political modernity” who calls this phenomenon as “modernity of tradition” ?
1 Edward Shils
2 M. Feather stone
3 Lloyed I. Rudolph
4 Jameson Frederic

Answer:Lloyed I. Rudolph
10 Who has said “Sanskritization in contextual form is a slow and non - spectacular process of cultural mobility of caste” ?
1 M. N. Srinivas
2 Yogendra Singh
3 S. C. Dube
4 D. Pocock

Answer:Yogendra Singh
11 Amongst the following who has given a six fold classification of traditions in India to evaluate changes in rural and urban - India ?
1 M. N. Srinivas
2 S. C. Dube
3 Mckim Marriott
4 R. Redfield

Answer:S. C. Dube
12 Who amongst the following says that nationalism in India is a product of the material conditions created by the British colonialism, and it did not exist in Pre-British India ?
1 D. Narain
2 A. R. Desai
3 D. P. Mukherji
4 T. K. Oommen

Answer:A. R. Desai
13 Who has classified Indian family into twelve categories ?
1 K. M. Kapadia
2 I.P. Desai
3 P. M. Kolenda
4 I. Karve

Answer:P. M. Kolenda
14 Amongst the following who has propagated that global marketization is the main driver of globalization ?
1 Held
2 Ohmae
3 Hirst
4 Thompson

15 Who is the author of the book ‘Mcdonaldization of society’ written in 1993 ?
1 G. Ritzer
2 B. Smart
3 A. Giddens
4 I. Wallerstein

Answer:G. Ritzer

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