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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 37

1 A process in which globalization also creates favourable condition for all forms of particularization and localization is known as :
1 Universalization
2 Parochialization
3 Glocalization
4 Internationalization

2 Who has said that “globalization is inclusive of both modernity and post modernity” ?
1 Wallerstein
2 Waters
3 Giddens
4 Robertson

3 Which State of India was the first to pass Jamindari Abolition Act ?
1 Bihar
2 Sikkim
3 Rajasthan
4 Karnataka

4 Who has argued that ‘in the wake of labour exploitation the Indian peasantry has really taken a class character’ ?
1 Rajendra Singh
2 Virginius XaXa
3 R. K. Jain
4 Utsa Patnaik

Answer:Utsa Patnaik
5 Who has studied the dynamics in the class structure of rural society of India by using historical data and empirical data together ?
1 S. C. Dube
2 Oscar Lewis
3 Ram Krishna Mukherjee
4 A. R. Desai

Answer:Ram Krishna Mukherjee
6 Who had argued that ‘the attached labour in the post Green Revolution agrarian setting was more like permanent employment in the organized sector’ ?
1 Paul Brass
2 G. S. Bhalla
3 A. Rudra
4 J. Mohan Rao

Answer: A. Rudra
7 Trade union performs a wide variety of functions related to :
1 Industrial organization
2 Trade union activities
3 Social welfare activities
4 All the above

Answer:All the above
8 Fatigue among the industrial workers can be minimised :
1 By increasing the working hours
2 By providing congenial atmosphere in work place
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 None of the above

Answer:By providing congenial atmosphere in work place
9 The legal approval to collective bargaining in India has been granted under :
1 The Industrial Disputes Act
2 The Indian Trade Unions Act
3 The Factories Act
4 The Industrial Employment Act

Answer:The Industrial Disputes Act
10 Which one is not the part of World System Theory ?
1 Core Countries
2 Peripheral Countries
3 World Class City
4 Semi Peripheral Countries

Answer:World Class City
11 Which one is not an indicator of Human Development Index ?
1 Life expectancy
2 Education component
3 National per capita income
4 Level of urbanization

Answer:Level of urbanization
12 Which one of the following is not a Millennium Developmental Goal ?
1 Eradicate extreme poverty
2 Housing for the poor
3 Reduce child mortality
4 Ensure environmental sustainability

Answer:Housing for the poor
13 Human Development Index was developed by :
1 Mahbub ul Haq
2 Samir Amin
3 A. G. Frank
4 I. Wallerstein

Answer:Mahbub ul Haq
14 Life table is constructed with the help of :
1 Infant mortality rates
2 Crude death rates
3 Age - specific mortality rates
4 Age - sex pyramid

Answer:Age - sex pyramid
15 The Theory that relates population growth with development stages is known as :
1 Wealth Flow Theory
2 Malthusian Theory
3 Demographic Transition Theory
4 Social Capillarity Theory

Answer:Wealth Flow Theory

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