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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 38

1 The concept “ Beyond Family Planning” was introduced by :
1 K. Davis
2 J. C. Caldwell
3 D.J. Bogue
4 B. Berelson

Answer:J. C. Caldwell
2 Who introduced the concept step migration ?
1 Ravenstein
2 D. J. Bogue
3 K. Davis
4 Asish Bose

3 Social Capillarity Theory was propounded by :
1 L. Dumont
2 J. C. Caldwell
3 K. Davis
4 F. Notestein

Answer:L. Dumont
4 Who said “the overthrow of mother right was the world historic defeat of the female sex” ?
1 Jean - Paul Satre
2 Nancy Chodorow
3 Adam Smith
4 Fredrich Engels

Answer:Fredrich Engels
5 When did the shift in the approach from ‘welfare to development’ of women took place in India ?
1 Second Five Year Plan
2 Fifth Five Year Plan
3 Sixth Five Year Plan
4 Ninth Five Year Plan

Answer:Sixth Five Year Plan
6 Who is the author of the book “The Female Eunuch” ?
1 Simone de Beauvior
2 Germaine Greer
3 Kate Millet
4 Betty Friedan

Answer:Germaine Greer
7 Which year was declared as the ‘Women’s Empowerment Year’ ?
1 1999
2 2001
3 2005
4 1998

8 Which one of the following statements represents the idea of C. Wright Mills about sociological imagination ?
1 Looking social world as social fact.
2 Understanding differences among the classical theorists.
3 Bringing together private troubles and public issues.
4 Avoiding individual based explanation.

Answer:Bringing together private troubles and public issues.
9 Who amongst the following says that sociology is the study of collective representation
1 Weber
2 Durkheim
3 Comte
4 Spencer

10 According to Max Weber, an ideal type is
1 The most common situation in a given society
2 Philosophical model of an ideal society
3 Conceptual or analytical tool to understand social phenomena
4 Statistical evidences collected by social researcher

Answer:Conceptual or analytical tool to understand social phenomena
11 According to whom internalized ‘shared values’ are regarded as playing a decisive role in the social integration of any society ?
1 T. Parsons
2 B. Malinowski
3 E. Durkheim
4 R.K. Merton

Answer:T. Parsons
12 Which according to Robert Redfield is not the characteristic of Little Community ?
1 Distinctiveness
2 Homogeneity
3 Location
4 Self-sufficiency

13 Which one of the following is not the characteristic of a community ?
1 Territory
2 A set of social relationships
3 We feeling
4 Language

14 The change of statuses occurring with sufficient frequency, as to be socially patterned, can be designated as a
1 Status-Set
2 Status-Conflict
3 Social-Status
4 Status-Sequence

15 When the performer of a role adopts a subjective detachment from the role, it is called as :
1 Role – Conflict
2 Role – Taking
3 Role – Distance
4 Role – Incompatibility

Answer:Role – Distance

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