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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 4

1 Who is said to have deconstructed language and social institutions ?
1 Derrida
2 Godelier
3 Foucault
4 Smith

Answer: Derrida
2 Who has envisioned an alternative stage (an alternative society) in which “speech will cease to govern the stage”
1 Foucault
2 Derrida
3 Lemert
4 None of the above

Answer: Derrida
3 According to post modernists which ideas of modernity are considered gone by or dead ?
1 Reason, rationality and progress.
2 Rationality,progress and objectivity.
3 Legality, rationality and objectivity
4 Objectivity, rationality, reason

Answer:Reason, rationality and progress.
4 Who considers modernity as ‘an unfinished project’ ?
1 Derrida
2 Giddens
3 Althusser
4 Habermas

5 Who had initiated the work on the total communities of India namely “People of India Project”?
1 N.K. Bose
2 K.S. Singh
3 Yogendra Singh
4 M.N. Srinivas

Answer:K.S. Singh
6 Who has stated that the entire course of Indian History shows tribal elements being fused into a general society ?
1 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown
2 D.D. Kosambi
3 S.S. Sarkar
4 M. Marriott

Answer: D.D. Kosambi
7 Who is of the opinion that the notion of fundamental opposition between the pure and the impure is the hallmark of the caste system ?
1 M.N. Srinivas
2 Louis Dumont
3 Surajit Sinha
4 B.R. Ambedkar

Answer:Louis Dumont
8 Which perspective is based on the assumption that Indian society is unique and the Indian social institutions can be better studied through the texts ?
1 Subaltern
2 Indological
3 Civilizational
4 Structural/Functional

Answer: Indological
9 Which type of poverty refers to a lack of basic resources needed to maintain health and bodily functioning ?
1 Absolute poverty
2 Relative poverty
3 Culture of poverty
4 Enforced poverty

Answer:Absolute poverty
10 Prof. S.C. Dube’s study on village compost pit and its failure is due to
1 Inequality of caste and gender
2 Religious disharmonies
3 Intergenerational conflict
4 None of the above

Answer: Inequality of caste and gender
11 Who in developing the theory of deviance utilized explanatory factors that are typical of functional analysis, namely, cultural goals and institutionalized norms ?
1 Durkheim
2 Merton
3 Parsons
4 Weber

12 Who has propounded the “Theory of Differential Association” ?
1 R.K. Merton
2 R.H. Burke
3 G. Tarde
4 E.H. Sutherland

Answer: E.H. Sutherland
13 Death resulting out of failure in love affair is an example of
1 Fatalistic suicide
2 Egoistic suicide
3 Altruistic suicide
4 Anomic suicide

Answer: Anomic suicide
14 Community Policing System’ aims at prevention and control of Crime through
1 Public
2 Police
3 Police and Public
4 Army

Answer:Police and Public
15 Drug de-addiction centres provide which of the following facility/facilities ?
1 Counselling
2 Medical assistance
3 Yogic exercise
4 All the above

Answer: All the above

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