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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 40

1 Who has studied ‘Trobriand Islanders’ ?
1 A.R. Brown
2 J. Frazer
3 B. Malinowski
4 E. Durkheim

Answer:B. Malinowski
2 The concept : “The generalized other” was introduced by :
1 G.H. Mead
2 H. Blumer
3 V. Pareto
4 None of the above

Answer:G.H. Mead
3 Who were the first to develop the elite theory ?
1 Pareto and Mosca
2 Mills and David Lane
3 Pareto and Mills
4 Mosca and Mitchell

Answer:Pareto and Mosca
4 The Book : “The Methodological Position of Symbolic Interactionism” was written by :
1 H. Blumer
2 C.H. Cooley
3 E. Goffman
4 G.H. Mead

Answer:H. Blumer
5 Functionalism approach to conflict was propounded by
1 R. Dahrendorf
2 L.A. Coser
3 Karl Marx
4 R. Collins

Answer:L.A. Coser
6 Identify the correct logical order as explained by Marx :
1 Class-in-Itself, Class for Itself, Social Transformation, Class Conflict
2 Class-in-Itself, Class for Itself, Class Conflict, Social Transformation
3 Class in Itself, Class Conflict, Class for Itself, Social Transformation
4 Class for Itself, Class Conflict, Class-in-Itself, Social Transformation

Answer:Class-in-Itself, Class for Itself, Class Conflict, Social Transformation
7 Who has stated that, ‘human activity can be observed and comprehended from only inside’ ?
1 Max Weber
2 W. Dilthey
3 E. Durkheim
4 P. Sorokin

Answer:W. Dilthey
8 Who has considered that ‘social phenomenon can be treated like natural phenomenon, in terms of observation, classification and also in direct experiment’ ?
1 Emile Durkheim
2 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 None of the above

Answer:Both (1) and (2)
9 Among the Indian sociologists, who has pleaded for an integrated approach to the study of social phenomenon ?
1 D.P. Mukerji
2 G.S. Ghurye
3 Radhakamal Mukherjee
4 Ram Krishna Mukherjee

Answer:Radhakamal Mukherjee
10 Who has undertaken for the first time ‘survey of an industrial city’ in India and employed statistical concepts and tools ?
1 D.N. Majumdar
2 M.N. Srinivas
3 V.S. D’Souza
4 S.C. Dube

Answer:D.N. Majumdar
11 Who is said to have used the participant observation method in the study of a street corner society in U.S.A. ?
1 B. Malinowski
2 W.F. Whyte
3 Paul F. Lazarsfeld
4 R.K. Merton

Answer:W.F. Whyte
12 Census is an example of
1 Explanatory research
2 Exploratory research
3 Descriptive research
4 Diagnostic research

Answer:Descriptive research
13 Which one of the following measures of average can be applied to qualitative data ?
1 Mean
2 Median
3 Mode
4 All the above

14 Standard deviation is a measure of :
1 Dispersion around Mode
2 Dispersion around Mean
3 Dispersion around Mode and Mean
4 Dispersion around Median and Mode

Answer:Dispersion around Mean
15 Case study aims at :
1 Qualitative analysis of a unit
2 Quantitative analysis of a unit
3 Both Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
4 Qualitative and detailed analysis of all aspects of a unit

Answer:Qualitative and detailed analysis of all aspects of a unit

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