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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 41

1 A method of historical research in which the recollections of living persons are collected, is called
1 Case study
2 Content analysis
3 Oral history
4 Conjectural history

Answer:Oral history
2 Which method involves counting of the incidence of particular items belonging to a set of usually pre-determined categories ?
1 Case Study
2 Content Analysis
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 None of the above

Answer:Content Analysis
3 Sociology as a scientific discipline has emerged during
1 Chinese and agricultural revolution.
2 French and industrial revolution.
3 American and democratic revolution.
4 Russian and scientific revolution.

Answer:French and industrial revolution.
4 Who has promoted sociology as the ‘science of society’ and treated society as a distinct object ?
1 Comte
2 Weber
3 Durkheim
4 Merton

5 Who among the following has developed interpretative understanding of social phenomena ?
1 Marx
2 Durkheim
3 Parsons
4 Weber

6 According to whom-culture stands for a total way of life which secures for an individual the satisfaction of the bio-psychic drives and the fulfilment of other wants and cravings
1 E.B. Tylor
2 B. Malinowski
3 James Frazer
4 Ruth Benedict

Answer:B. Malinowski
7 According to Tonnies which term denoted ‘Community’ ?
1 Gemeinschaftlich
2 Gesellschaftlich
3 Gemeinschaft
4 Gesellschaft

8 Which of the following refers to ‘the complex of roles associated, not with a single social status, but with the various statuses’ ?
1 Status sequence
2 Role Relationship
3 Multiple Roles
4 Role Conflict

Answer:Multiple Roles
9 Which one of the following sets refers to the modes of adaptation mentioned by Merton in the context of social structure ?
1 Conformity, Innovation, Reformation, Ritualism, Rebellion.
2 Innovation, Ritualism, Naturism, Reformation, Rebellion.
3 Conformity, Innovation, Ritualism, Retreatism, Rebellion.
4 Ritualism, Retreatism, Rebellion, Reformation, Reunion.

Answer:Conformity, Innovation, Ritualism, Retreatism, Rebellion.
10 Who among the following has given three characteristics – face to face relationship, we feeling and small size-of
1 K. Davis
2 C.H. Cooley
3 F. Tonnies
4 G. Simmel

Answer:C.H. Cooley
11 Exercise of power through force or threat of force is known as
1 Terrorism
2 Vandalism
3 Coercion
4 Authority

12 Persons related by blood are known as
1 Affines
2 Consanguine
3 Brothers
4 All of the above

13 Which one of the following is not an example of domestic violence ?
1 Wife battering
2 Child abuse
3 Elderly abuse
4 Abusing a domestic helper

Answer:Abusing a domestic helper
14 Which of the following is not an agency of primary socialization ?
1 Family
2 Peer group
3 State
4 Neighbourhood

15 Who among the following is the author of ‘The Adolescent Personality’ ?
1 Peter Blos
2 Susan Isaacs
3 ean Piaget
4 T.B. Bottomore

Answer:Peter Blos

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