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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 42

1 According to George H. Mead, which of the following is not an essential characteristic of self ?
1 Attitude
2 Reflexive character
3 Physical entity
4 Ego

2 Class and status group are two categories of social stratification. Which one of the following is not a valid distinction between them ?
1 Class is defined by its position in the system of production, whereas status group is characterized by pattern of consumption.
2 A class is a smaller aggregate than a status group.
3 Membership in a class is achieved, whereas membership in a status group is determined by both birth and achievement.
4 A class acquires its identity in a society by contending forces and status by social recognition

Answer:A class is a smaller aggregate than a status group.
3 Who has pointed out that social stratification is needed to ensure effective role allocation and role performance ?
1 Moore & Parsons
2 Davis & Parsons
3 Davis & Moore
4 Parsons & Weber

Answer:Davis & Moore
4 Which one of the following is not a linear theorist ?
1 H. Spencer
2 K. Marx
3 P. Sorokin
4 L.T. Hobhouse

Answer:P. Sorokin
5 Delay, in change in one part of society produces realignment of the other parts is known as
1 Cultural adjustment
2 Cultural lag
3 Generation gap
4 Acculturation

Answer:Cultural lag
6 For whom, real structures exists in human minds, they are innate, unconscious and occur as binary oppositions ?
1 Sigmund Freud
2 C. Levi-Strauss
3 B. Malinowski
4 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown

Answer:C. Levi-Strauss
7 Elementary structures of Kinship are largely based on
1 Complex Marriage Rules
2 Negative Marriage Rules
3 General Marriage Rules
4 Positive Marriage Rules

Answer:Positive Marriage Rules
8 Who among the following makes use of the concept of ‘social network’ while defining social structure ?
1 C. Levi-Strauss
2 Role Relationship
3 S.F. Nadel
4 Ralph Linton

Answer:S.F. Nadel
9 “Modes of individual adaptation” was the concept propounded by :
1 R.K. Merton
2 T. Parsons
3 Max Weber
4 None of these

Answer:R.K. Merton
10 R.K. Merton speaks of Anticipatory socialisation in the context of
1 Membership reference group
2 Membership group
3 Non-membership reference group
4 None of the above

Answer:Non-membership reference group
11 R.K. Merton revised and codified functionalism in the light of his views on
1 Functional Unity of Society
2 Universal functionalism
3 Indispensability
4 All of the above

Answer:All of the above
12 Of the following, who differentiates among three types of objects : Physical, Social and Abstract ?
1 G.H. Mead
2 H. Blumer
3 V. Pareto
4 Max Weber

Answer:H. Blumer
13 The terms ‘rentiers’ and ‘speculators’ were analysed and explained in the context of social change by
1 Karl Marx
2 Max Weber
3 Max Weber
4 G.H. Mead

Answer:V. Pareto
14 Who emphasised the significance of Max Weber as well as Karl Marx in his study of Social conflict ?
1 L.A. Coser
2 R. Collins
3 R. Dahrendorf
4 None of these

Answer:None of these
15 Who has stated that ‘human studies should be concerned not with the establishment of causal connections of formulation of universal laws’ ?
1 Auguste Comte
2 Emile Durkheim
3 Karl Marx
4 W. Dilthey

Answer:Karl Marx

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