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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 43

1 Who is of the opinion that the sciences which deal with human action are ‘moral sciences’
1 A.R. Louch
2 Max Weber
3 H. Rickert
4 Theordore Adorno

Answer:A.R. Louch
2 Who has stated that ‘one possible meaning of “Objectivity” is the contribution it might make to a human unity of mankind’ ?
1 Max Weber
2 A. Gouldner
3 A. Rudner
4 H. Rickert

Answer:A. Gouldner
3 Who is said to have undertaken at first a survey research of poverty in England ?
1 T.B. Bottomore
2 J.A. Barnes
3 Charles Booth
4 P.F. Lazarsfeld

Answer:Charles Booth
4 On the basis of participant observation who has rejected the evolutionary theory ?
1 W.F. Whyte
2 A.R. Radcliffe-Brown
3 W.H.R. Rivers
4 B. Malinowski

Answer:B. Malinowski
5 Random sampling implies :
1 Each element has an equal chance of selection.
2 Each element does not have equal chance of selection.
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 None of the above

Answer:Each element has an equal chance of selection.
6 Which one of the following methods is labelled as a ‘discovery-based’ approach ?
1 Random observation
2 Non-participant observation
3 Participant observation
4 Quasi-participant observation

Answer:Participant observation
7 A method which provides account produced from face to face interviews/from personal documents is called
1 Case Study
2 Life History
3 Biography
4 Historiography

Answer:Life History
8 Tocqueville’s study, ‘Democracy in America’, an example of
1 Case Study
2 Oral History
3 Participatory Research
4 Conjectural History

Answer:Case Study
9 Which one of the following averages can be applied only to quantitative variables ?
1 Mean and Median
2 Mode and Mean
3 Median and Mode
4 None of the above

Answer:Mean and Median
10 Standard deviation is generally measured in terms of deviation from
1 Mode
2 Median
3 Mean
4 All of the above

11 Chi square ( χ2) test of significance is applicable to
1 two quantitative variables only.
2 two qualitative variables only.
3 one qualitative variable and another quantitative variable.
4 any types of combination of two variables.

Answer:any types of combination of two variables.
12 Who has stated that the super-structure is equally significant as the primary structure ?
1 Giddens
2 Althusser
3 Parsons
4 Marx

13 Which of the following is an example of cross cousin marriage ?
1 A man marrying his mother’s sister’s daughter.
2 A man marrying his father’s brother’s daughter.
3 A man marrying his sister’s daughter.
4 A man marrying his mother’s brother’s daughter.

Answer:A man marrying his mother’s brother’s daughter.
14 Who among the following is of the view that people grasp the consciousness of others while they live within their own stream of consciousness ?
1 Erving Goffman
2 Alfred Schutz
3 Peter Berger
4 Michel Foucault

Answer:Alfred Schutz
15 Which one of the following concepts is not used by Erving Goffman in his approach ?
1 Impression Management
2 Front Stage
3 Teams
4 Accounts


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