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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 44

1 A theoretical approach which sets out to uncover the methods that members of social groups employ in constructing their sense of social reality is known as :
1 Ethnomethodology
2 Ethnography
3 Phenomenology
4 Psychology

2 Who provides an account of the role of common-sense knowledge in the social construction of everyday life and institutions ?
1 Berger and Luckmann
2 Husserl and Schutz
3 Parsons and Merton
4 Davis and Moore

Answer:Berger and Luckmann
3 According to whom, ‘the ideological superstructure is not merely a reflection of the economy but also in part condition of its existence ?
1 L. Althusser
2 A. Giddens
3 K. Marx
4 J. Habermass

Answer:L. Althusser
4 Who is the author of the book ‘Legitimation crises’ ?
1 J. Alexander
2 J. Habermass
3 L. Althusser
4 H. Garfinkel

Answer:J. Habermass
5 Who has defined neo-functionalism as “a self-critical strand of functional theory that seeks to broaden functionalism’s intellectual scope while retaining its theoretical core” ?
1 T. Parsons and E. Shills
2 J. Alexander and P. Colomy
3 J. Alexander and J. Turner
4 P. Cohen and A. Gouldner

Answer:J. Alexander and P. Colomy
6 For whom, the lifeworld is a ‘culturally transmitted and linguistically organized stock of interpretative patterns’ ?
1 J. Habermass
2 A. Schutz
3 M. Weber
4 H. Garfinkel

Answer:J. Habermass
7 A French Philosopher has influenced very much the sociological thinking by drawing a methodology of human language. Who is he ?
1 A. Giddens
2 J. Derrida
3 M. Foucault
4 None of the above

Answer:J. Derrida
8 Who, in his theory, advances an account of interrelation of structure and agency in which primacy is granted to neither ?
1 A. Giddens
2 J. Derrida
3 J. Habermass
4 J. Alexander

Answer:A. Giddens
9 Who has contributed to a debate on reason, language, knowledge and power that contributed much to sociological theories ?
1 J. Derrida
2 L. Althuser
3 M. Foucault
4 None of the above

Answer:M. Foucault
10 A repudiation of the logo centric construction of grand narratives is termed as :
1 Metanarrative
2 Legitimation
3 Discourse
4 Deconstruction

11 A mode of thinking that applies truth claims to universal propositions is known as :
1 Habitus
2 Logo centrism
3 Simulation
4 Hyper real

Answer:Logo centrism
12 For whom the signifier has no stable relations to the signified ?
1 J. Derrida
2 M. Foucault
3 A. Giddens
4 J. Habermass

Answer:J. Derrida
13 Which one of the following is not a source of diversity in India ?
1 Religion
2 Language
3 National Emblem
4 Culture

Answer:National Emblem
14 Milton Singer and McKim Marriott studied social change in India using which concepts ?
1 Westernisation and Modernisation
2 Little and Great Tradition
3 Structure and Function
4 Industrialisation and Globalisation

Answer:Little and Great Tradition
15 In the past, who among foreign travellers observed and recorded that unity in diversity has become a part of India’s self-identity ?
1 Megasthenes
2 Hiuen Tsang
3 Alberuni
4 All of the above

Answer:All of the above

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