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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 46

1 Which type of criminals have been discussed by Sutherland in his work ‘Principles of Criminology’ ?
1 Lower class criminals
2 White collar criminals
3 Economic criminals
4 Political criminals

Answer:White collar criminals
2 Who has argued that globalization cannot simply be understood as westernization, it is a process which can also increase cultural pluralism ?
1 I. Wallerstein
2 Anthony Giddens
3 W.T. Ritzer
4 Yogendra Singh

Answer:Anthony Giddens
3 Who has argued that an empirical sociology of Indian society is not possible ?
1 G.S. Ghurye
2 D.P. Mukerji
3 A.K. Saran
4 M.N. Srinivas

Answer:A.K. Saran
4 Who is of the opinion that even for understanding change in Indian society study of its traditions is essential ?
1 Irawati Karve
2 D.P. Mukerji
3 N.K. Bose
4 Radha Kamal Mukherjee

Answer:D.P. Mukerji
5 Under which Science and Technology Policy, ‘science technology and innovation’ system has been introduced ?
1 Science & Technology Policy 1958
2 Science & Technology Policy 2013
3 Science & Technology Policy 2003
4 Science & Technology Policy 1983

Answer:Science & Technology Policy 2013
6 Who has written/edited the book ‘Peasants and Peasant Societies’ ?
1 T. Shanin
2 S.C. Dube
3 Morris Opler
4 Eric Wolf

Answer:T. Shanin
7 The 73rd Amendment in the Indian Constitution has brought about reservation for which of the following categories ?
1 SCs and STs
2 Women
3 Both (1) and (2)
4 None of the above

Answer:SCs and STs
8 Who had argued that attached labour in green revolution in agrarian setting was more like permanent employment in the organized sector ?
1 Ashok Rudra
2 J. Mohan Rao
3 Y. Singh
4 Oscar Lewis

Answer:Ashok Rudra
9 The studies of Industrial society under taken by Sheth and Mayers in 1958 in India revealed :
1 The approach of the Indian workers to the factory was different than that of workers in the developed countries.
2 The approach of the Indian workers to the factory was not different than that of workers in the developed countries.
3 It revealed the empowerment of Indian workers.
4 None of the above

Answer:The approach of the Indian workers to the factory was not different than that of workers in the developed countries.
10 The emergence of Industrial Sociology is linked with the birth of :
1 Scientific Management Theory
2 Personnel Management Theory
3 Human Relationship Approach
4 Structural Approach Theory

Answer:Human Relationship Approach
11 The statement that capitalism has led to the disenchantment of worker with his work is attributed to :
1 Marx
2 Weber
3 Giddens
4 Parsons

12 Who is the author of the book ‘New Technology and the Workers Response’ ?
1 K.C. Agrawal
2 A.K. Bagchi
3 N.K. Banerji
4 N.R. Sheth

Answer:A.K. Bagchi
13 The process of modernization in India has generated :
1 Melting pot of all cultures
2 Identity and ethnic assertions
3 Empowerment of dominant caste
4 Marginalization of dominant caste

Answer:Identity and ethnic assertions
14 Which one is not an indicator of Human Development Index ?
1 Life Expectancy
2 Education
3 National per capita income
4 Level of urbanization

Answer:Level of urbanization
15 715. Which one is odd one out of the following with regard to world system theory ? (A). Core (B). Periphery (C). World class city (D). Semi periphery
1 Core
2 Periphery
3 World class city
4 Semi periphery

Answer:World class city

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