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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 48

1 Who talks about ‘the colonization of the life-world’ ?
1 J. Alexander
2 A. Schutz
3 J. Habermas
4 P. Berger

Answer: J. Habermas
2 ‘Accounting is the process by which people offer accounts in order to make sense of the world.’ This statement reflects which one of the following perspectives ?
1 Symbolic Interactionism
2 Critical theory
3 Ethnomethodology
4 Phenomenology

3 Who is of the view that ideology must be seen not merely as ‘false consciousness’ but as an important part of real social relations ?
1 L. Althusser
2 A. Gramsci
3 J. Habermas
4 R. Dahrendorf

Answer:L. Althusser
4 According to Althusser ‘Epistemological Break’ in the context of Marx’s writings refers to :
1 Marx’s concept of dialectical materialism
2 Polarization of two classes leading to class conflict
3 Contradiction between means of production and relations of production
4 Distinction between Marx’s early philosophical work and his later scientific theory

Answer:Distinction between Marx’s early philosophical work and his later scientific theory
5 The Neo-functionalism tries to rectify the limitations of Functionalism, which among the following does not fit in the order ?
1 Conservatism
2 Order
3 Idealism
4 Anti-individualism

6 Who wrote the Book “The Archaeology of Knowledge and the Discourse on Language” ?
1 J. Derrida
2 A. Giddens
3 L. Althusser
4 M. Foucault

Answer:M. Foucault
7 Of the following who is perhaps better known as a post-structuralist rather than a structuralist ?
1 M. Foucault
2 E. Goffman
3 A. Giddens
4 None of the above

Answer:M. Foucault
8 Which one of the following is the most fundamental source of unity in modern India ?
1 Electoral process
2 Constitution
3 Judiciary
4 None of the above

9 Who among the following is not included in the social hierarchy of ‘Ashrafs’ ?
1 Sayyad
2 Sheikh
3 Bhisti
4 Pathan

10 Who among the following is the author of ‘India-Unity in Diversity’ ?
1 Yogendra Singh
2 Yogesh Atal
3 A.R. Desai
4 Y.B. Damle

Answer:Yogesh Atal
11 How many scheduled languages are given in the Indian Constitution ?
1 29
2 23
3 18
4 19

Answer: 18
12 Among which of the following tribes ‘marriage by capture’ has been popular ?
1 Naga
2 Toda
3 Gonds
4 Bhils

13 To which school of thought David Hardiman belongs ?
1 Indological school
2 Civilizational school
3 Sub-altern school
4 Marxist school

Answer:Sub-altern school
14 Who among the following has applied dialectical approach in understanding Indian Society ?
1 D.P. Mukerjee
2 M.N. Srinivas
3 G.S. Ghurye
4 L. Dumont

Answer:D.P. Mukerjee
15 In determining dominant caste, M.N. Srinivas has not included which of the following ?
1 Ritual status
2 Economic status
3 Numerical strength
4 Linguistic domination

Answer:Linguistic domination

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