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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 49

1 Indological perspective does not include :
1 A Book View
2 A Static View
3 A Great Traditional View
4 A Field View

Answer: A Field View
2 Who has coined the concept ‘culture of poverty’ ?
1 Oscar Lewis
2 Gunnar Myrdal
3 M.N. Srinivas
4 A.R. Desai

Answer:Oscar Lewis
3 Who conducts the periodical study for estimating poverty line in India ?
1 National Census Organization
2 National Sample Survey Organization
3 Sample Survey Organization
4 Anthropological Survey of India

Answer:National Sample Survey Organization
4 In which census year, increase of total urban population was more than the increase in rural population of India ?
1 2001
2 1951
3 2011
4 1991

5 Which State among the special category of States in India has highest growth rate of gross domestic product ?
1 Sikkim
2 Arunachal Pradesh
3 Uttarakhand
4 Himachal Pradesh

6 Which type of development projects have displaced minimum number of persons ?
1 Industrial
2 Mining
3 Wild Life Sanctuaries
4 Dams

Answer:Wild Life Sanctuaries
7 Suicide caused by excessive individualization in modern societies is called :
1 Anomic
2 Egoistic
3 Altruistic
4 Fatalistic

8 Who defined deviance as “the tendency on part of one or more of the component actors to behave in such a way as to disturb the equilibrium of interactive process” ?
1 R.K. Merton
2 T. Parsons
3 C.H. Cooley
4 G.H. Mead

Answer:T. Parsons
9 Who among the following was the first sociologists to systematically study what has come to be known as “White collar crime” ?
1 C. Shaw and H.D. Mckay
2 M.B. Clinard
3 E.H. Sutherland
4 F. Carson

Answer:E.H. Sutherland
10 According to whom, from the following scholars, deviant behaviour is the result of conflict between the ‘id’ and the ‘ego’ ?
1 Bottomore
2 Durkheim
3 Freud
4 Lombroso

11 Who among the following argued that deviance results not from ‘pathological personalities’ but from the culture and structure of society itself ?
1 A.K. Cohen
2 R.K. Merton
3 E.M. Lemert
4 Karl Marx

Answer:R.K. Merton
12 Which State, among the following is known for higher consumption of drugs ?
1 Himachal Pradesh
2 Punjab
3 Kerala
4 Mizoram

13 The ‘quest of identity’ in a plural society on the basis of race and language is known as :
1 Diversity
2 Ethnicity
3 Plurality
4 Sociability

14 The ‘Compression of time and space’ is attributed to which one of the following ?
1 Industrialisation
2 Modernisation
3 Globalization
4 Urbanisation

15 Who, on the basis of empirical data from Maharashtra and Punjab, has stated that ‘ethnicized politics is communalism and not fundamentalism’ ?
1 M. Mohanty
2 C.P. Bhambri
3 T.K. Oommen
4 Dipankar Gupta

Answer:Dipankar Gupta

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