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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 50

1 Who among the following is the author of the book ‘Pluralism, Equality and Identity : Comparative Studies’ ?
1 Gail Omvedt
2 T.K. Oommen
3 K.N. Panikkar
4 Ashis Nandy

Answer:T.K. Oommen
2 From among the following who has pleaded for Indianization of sociology ?
1 S.C. Dube
2 G.S. Ghurye
3 M.N. Srinivas
4 T.K. Oommen

Answer:A.K. Saran
3 Which was not the specific objective(s) of the Science and Technology Policy-2003 ?
1 Emphasis on the need for investment in Research and Development
2 Integrating programmes of socio-economic sectors
3 Creating a national innovation system
4 National Skill Development Mission

Answer:National Skill Development Mission
4 Which of the Science and Technology Policy’s statement emphasized the need to attain technological competence and self reliance ?
1 2013 Policy
2 2003 Policy
3 1983 Policy
4 1986 Policy

Answer:1983 Policy
5 Which year’s Science Policy Resolution centred on the issues ‘foster, promote and sustain’ ?
1 2003
2 1958
3 2013
4 1983

6 Who is said to have propounded the concept of ‘Folk-Urban Continuum’ ?
1 Robert Brown
2 Robert Redfield
3 A.R. Radcliffe – Brown
4 D.N. Majumdar

Answer:Robert Redfield
7 Which were the prevalent land tenure systems in India prior to independence ?
1 Ryotwari, Mahalwari, Jagirdari
2 Ryotwari, Mahalwari
3 Ryotwari, Mahalwari, Jamindari
4 Mahalwari, Jagirdari

Answer:Ryotwari, Mahalwari, Jamindari
8 According to the recent rural studies the rural leadership has largely emerged from which of the following social categories ?
1 From Higher Castes and Middle Castes
2 From Middle Castes and Lower Castes
3 From Scheduled Castes only
4 None of the above

Answer:From Middle Castes and Lower Castes
9 Who has written/edited the book ‘Peasants and Peasant Societies’ ?
1 Robert Redfield
2 T. Shanin
3 Eric Wolf
4 Morris Opler

Answer:T. Shanin
10 What would you relate to the ‘increased phenomenon of absenteeism’ on the part of workers in an Industry ?
1 New economic policy
2 Management structure
3 Inadequate work motivation
4 Inadequate work motivation

Answer:Inadequate work motivation
11 Who has stated that ‘the plunder of raw materials and the lack of industrialization’ were the causes for the impoverishment of India during the colonial rule ?
1 Mahatma Gandhi
2 M.N. Srinivas
3 Dadabhai Nauroji
4 H.C. Ganguli

Answer:Dadabhai Nauroji
12 Who has made a significant contribution to the Sociology of Industrial Relations ?
1 Swasti Mitter and Asish Sen
2 E.A. Ramaswamy
3 S. Mehta and Dinesh Harode
4 Parry Jonathan

Answer:E.A. Ramaswamy
13 Which is the odd one out of the following with regard to Millennium Development Goals
1 Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger
2 Housing for the poor
3 Reduction in Child Mortality
4 Ensure Environmental Sustainability

Answer:Housing for the poor
14 Concept of ‘Human Development Index’, was developed by whom ?
1 A.R. Desai
2 Mahbub Ul Haq
3 M. Desai
4 Manmohan Singh

Answer:Mahbub Ul Haq
15 Dependency theory given by A.G. Frank indicates :
1 Functionalist perspective
2 Neo-Marxist perspective
3 An Interationist perspective
4 Post-modernist perspective

Answer:Neo-Marxist perspective

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