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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 6

1 “World System Theory” of development explains the relationships between the ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries. Who among the following gave ‘World System Theory’ of development ?
1 Gunnar Myrdal
2 Wallersteins
3 M.K. Gandhi
4 A. Sen

Answer: Wallersteins
2 Who is the Author of the Book : “Essay on the principle of population” ?
1 G. Marshall
2 M.K. Premi
3 T. Malthus
4 Peter R. Cox

Answer:T. Malthus
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3 The concept of social capillarity in studying population was used by
1 Thomas Malthus
2 Herbert Spencer
3 David Herdiman
4 D. Dumount

Answer:D. Dumount
4 Which of the following is/are related to Demographic processes ? I. Fertility II. Mortality III. Migration IV. Morbidity Answer the correct combination :
1 I and IV are correct.
2 IV and II are correct.
3 II and III are correct.
4 III and IV are correct.

Answer:IV and II are correct.
5 Mark out the correct sequence of perspectives on gender and development in India :
1 Welfare, Empowerment, Development.
2 Empowerment, Development,Welfare.
3 Development, Welfare, Empowerment.
4 Welfare, Development, Empowerment.

Answer:Welfare, Development, Empowerment.
6 Which is the main basis for the growth of eco-feminism ?
1 Deforestation in industrial society
2 Women’s lives and their relation with the nature
3 Pollution and environmental degradation
4 Global warming

Answer: Women’s lives and their relation with the nature.
7 “Sociology is a Science which attempts an interpretative understanding of social action.” Who defined Sociology in this manner ?
1 T. Parsons
2 MacIver and Page
3 E. Durkheim
4 Max Weber

Answer:Max Weber
8 “Culture is man’s guide, it liberates as well as enslaves him as all guides do.” Which of the following school represents this view ?
1 Evolutionary School
2 Marxian School
3 Diffusionistic School
4 Culture-personality School

Answer: Culture-personality School
9 The term ‘Sociological Imagination’ was coined by whom ?
1 P. Berger
2 C.W. Mills
3 A. Giddens
4 J.S. Mill

Answer:C.W. Mills
10 Arrange the following books in chronological order by using the code given below : i. Das Kapital ii. Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism iii. Patterns of Culture iv. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life Codes :
1 i ii iii iv
2 ii i iii iv
3 iv iii i ii
4 iii iv i ii

Answer:ii i iii iv
11 Every man in society occupies a number of statuses. Different statuses associated with a single person are known as
1 Status inconsistency
2 Status sequences
3 Status set
4 Status succession

Answer:Status set
12 Which of the following are the physical conditions of a primary group ? i. Physical proximity ii. Attraction iii. Smallness iv. Endurance
1 i, ii, iii & iv
2 i, ii & iii
3 i, ii & iv
4 i, iii & iv

Answer: i, iii & iv
13 Which of the following is not a primary group ?
1 Scouts
2 A peer group
3 A class of students
4 Family

14 Which of the following are fundamental features of a social group ? i. Organisation ii. We-feeling iii. Self-sufficiency iv. Explicit cultural goals
1 i and ii
2 ii and iii
3 iii and iv
4 i and iii

Answer:i and ii
15 The variable sum concept of power is based on the assumption that
1 value consensus is essential for society.
2 value dissension is essential for society.
3 value neutrality is essential for society.
4 values are essential for society.

Answer: value consensus is essential for society.

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