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Sociology Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) and Answers for Competitive Exams | Sociology Quiz Set 7

1 The State moderates between different groups ensuring that all of them have some influence on public policy, is best manifested in
1 Socialist democracy
2 Republic democracy
3 Pluralist democracy
4 Traditional democracy

Answer: Pluralist democracy
2 Which of the following is appropriate example of a social institution ?
1 Market
2 Trade Union
3 Political Party
4 N.G.O.

3 According to Dahrendorf, Marx’s Theory of Class Conflict is
1 to be rejected universally
2 to be accepted universally
3 to be accepted and modified generally
4 to be rejected, accepted and modified contextually

Answer:to be rejected, accepted and modified contextually
4 The process whereby the helpless, human infant gradually becomes a self-aware, knowledgeable person, skilled in the ways of the culture into which he or she was born is known as
1 Re-socialization
2 Social position
3 Socialization
4 Shared understanding

5 Stages of cognitive-development related socialization was proposed by
1 H. Mead
2 S. Freud
3 C.H. Cooley
4 J. Piaget

Answer:J. Piaget
6 In a system of social stratification social rankings are based on certain attributes which may Which is the correct one ?
1 either be inherited or socially constructed
2 either be ascribed or acquired
3 either be acquired or socially constructed
4 either be ascribed, acquired or constructed

Answer: either be ascribed, acquired or constructed
7 The social positions of Which one of the above is correct ?
1 caste, gender and ethnic groups are biologically determined.
2 caste biologically, but gender and ethnic groups are economically determined.
3 gender is biologically, while the ethnic and caste groups are culturally determined.
4 caste, gender and ethnic groups are culturally determined.

Answer:caste, gender and ethnic groups are culturally determined.
8 According to Marx and Dehrendorf unequal class position of a social group is determined by which of the following forms and extent of one’s control over
1 economic and cultural resources respectively.
2 culturaland economic resources respectively.
3 economicand political resources respectively.
4 political and cultural resources respectively

Answer:economicand political resources respectively.
9 Dultural diffusion means
1 spread of cultural traits to other societies.
2 merger of cultural traits.
3 separation of two cultures.
4 differences between the two cultures

Answer:merger of cultural traits.
10 Transmission of traits from one culture to another is sociologically termed as
1 Acculturation
2 Diffusion
3 Assimilation
4 Enculturation

11 Who among the following is a proponent of cyclical theory of evolution
1 T. Parsons
2 E. Durkheim
3 O. Spengler
4 H. Spencer

Answer:O. Spengler
12 According to R.K. Merton, those observed consequences which lessen the adaptation or adjustment of the system are
1 Functions
2 Non-functions
3 Dysfunctions
4 Functional alternatives

Answer: Dysfunctions
13 In which of the book has Mannheim propounded the idea of Sociology of Knowledge ?
1 The End of Ideology
2 The End of History
3 Ideology and Utopia
4 The German Ideology

Answer:Ideology and Utopia
14 A statement of prediction that sets forth the basis for testing the relationship between variables in an attempt to link theory to reality is called
1 Random sampling
2 Questionnaire
3 Hypothesis
4 Assumption

15 Name the technique which is to be used before the actual field work starts
1 Pilot Study
2 Census study
3 Case study
4 Survey

Answer: Pilot Study

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