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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 13

1 Which one of the following method is used for content validity ?
1 Regression
2 Correlation
3 Standard deviation
4 Judgementa

Answer: Judgementa
2 Assertion (A) :A bionomial distribution is symmetrical when p = 0.5

Reason (R) :For a bionomial distribution mean and mode are equal when q = 0.5In the context of the two statements, which one of the following is correct ?

1 (A)is correct, but(R)is wrong.
2 Both(A)and(R)are correct.
3 (A)is wrong, but(R) is correct.
4 Both(A)and(R)are wrong.

Answer: Both(A)and(R)are correct.


3 The covariance between two variables is :
1 Strictly Positive
2 Strictly Negative
3 Always Zero
4 Either Positive or Negative or Zero

Answer: Either Positive or Negative or Zero
4 Which one of the following in not the assumption of Modigliani and Miller approach to cost of capital?
1 There is a perfect competition
2 There are Corporate taxes
3 Investors act rationally
4 All earnings are distributed to the Shareholders

Answer: There are Corporate taxes
5 Name the geographical region in African continent that Mali situated in :
1 East
2 West
3 North
4 South

Answer: West
6 Which is the Jewel of Malian Tourism ?
1 Sigui Dance
2 Boubous
3 Tutu Jara
4 Dogon Land

Answer: Dogon Land
7 When is the next authentic sigui dance scheduled for ? (1) (2) (3) (4)
1 2035
2 2030
3 2025
4 2020

Answer: 2020
8 Which were two reasons that brought down tourist inflow to Mali very drastically in 2012 ?
1 Lack of advertisement and publicity
2 Tourists kidnap and political coup
3 Lack of community participation
4 Commoditization of authentic culture

Answer: Tourists kidnap and political coup
9 What is the inference of the passage ?
1 Political instability
2 Socio-cultural crises
3 Preservation of sacred character
4 Economic and cultural sustainability

Answer: Economic and cultural sustainability
10 How many sustainable development goals have been set to end extreme poverty,fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change under 2030 Agenda forsustainable development ?
1 27 Sustainable Development Goals
2 19 Sustainable Development Goals
3 20 Sustainable Development Goals
4 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Answer: 17 Sustainable Development Goals
11 A guest who comes to hotel without prior Reservation for a guest room is called as:
1 Company guest
2 In house guest
3 Walk in
4 Walking

Answer: Walk in
12 In the airline parlance DBML stand for-
1 Double meal
2 Diplomatic Business Meal
3 Deluxe meal
4 Diabetic meal

Answer: Diabetic meal
13 A ‘Dummy waiter’ in a hotel
1 assists differently abled guest
2 reviews guest activities
3 provides minor services for guests
4 provides assistance to servers as side station

Answer: provides assistance to servers as side station
14 Which is the highest mountain railway station in india ?
1 Ghum on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
2 Kalka on the Shimla Mountain Railway
3 Matheran on Western Hill Railway
4 Coonoor on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Answer: Ghum on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
15 Which group of countries among the following are IATA TC III countries only:
1 Brunei, Canada, British Virgin Islands
2 Afghanistan, Thailand, Fiji
3 Indonesia, Belize, Guyana
4 Laos, Zambia, Mauritius

Answer: Afghanistan, Thailand, Fiji

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