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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 19

1 What is the most commonly used method to file tour brochures in the travel industry ?
1 By date and then by location
2 By location and then alphabetic
3 Alphabetic and then by specific order
4 By special offer and then by date

Answer:By location and then alphabetic
2 Which of the following statement is true ?
1 New Mangalore is on the western coast; it handles dry cargo, granite and fertilisers.
2 Nhava Sheva is located in Goa
3 The Kolkata port is not a reverine port.
4 The port of Tuticorn handles passengers only for overseas transport purposes.

Answer:New Mangalore is on the western coast; it handles dry cargo, granite and fertilisers.


3 A car rental site located near the Airport terminal but not directly on the premises of the airport is called
1 Drop off point
2 Pick up point
3 Off-premises location
4 Airport terminal

Answer:Off-premises location
4 Which of the following does not apply to the legal and ethical views in the international context of managing ?
1 The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
2 Ethical realism
3 Cultural relativism
4 Egoism

Answer:The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
5 The customer pages of a company on “Facebook” is an example of
1 Viral Marketing
2 Network Marketing
3 Referral Marketing
4 Social Media Marketing

Answer: Viral Marketing
6 Which one of the following is the key attraction for tourists to visit Mali ?
1 Ethnic tourism
2 Ecotourism
3 Cultural tourism
4 Adventure tourism

Answer:Cultural tourism
7 Find the jewel of Malian tourism that attracts a vast majority of tourists ?
1 Sigui dance
2 Cosmology of the star syrius
3 Dogon land
4 All the above

Answer:Dogon land
8 Which are the two prominent issues that emerged from the promotion of tourism ?
1 Ecological and Economic sustainability
2 Economic and cultural sustainability
3 Social and cultural sustainability
4 Cultural and ecological sustainability

Answer: Economic and cultural sustainability
9 Which of the following critical crises that made the government of Mali to re-think its future tourism strategy ?
1 Kidnapping tourists and political coup
2 Unemployment and poverty
3 Anti-tourism campaign and carrying capacity
4 Commodification of culture and social inequality

Answer:Kidnapping tourists and political coup
10 If a statistical measure based upon the population is called a parameter, what would a measure based on a sample be called ?
1 Sample parameter
2 Variable
3 Inference
4 Statistic

11 A binomial distribution is
1 Never symmetrical
2 Never positively skewed
3 Never negatively skewed
4 Symmetrical when P = 0.5

Answer:Symmetrical when P = 0.5
12 A test of the null hypothesis where the alternative hypothesis is expressed directionally is called as
1 Two-tailed test
2 Type-I test
3 One-tailed test
4 Type-II test

Answer: One-tailed test
13 Hypothesis can not be stated in
1 Declarative terms
2 Null and question form terms
3 General terms
4 Directional terms

Answer: General terms
14 Stock valuation is at the latest price under
1 Least in first out method
2 Highest in first out method
3 Market price method
4 Simple average method

Answer:Market price method
15 Tourism Finance corporation of India is
1 Wholly owned government of India undertaking
2 Wholly owned subsidiary of R.B.I.
3 A corporation owned by Government of India and Public Sector Bank
4 Public sector corporation owned by Hotel Corporation of India.

Answer: Wholly owned government of India undertaking

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