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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 21

1 Which is the world’s largest cruise line ship ?
1 Harmony of the Seas
2 Freedom of the Seas
3 Quantum of the Seas
4 Explorer of the Seas

Answer: Harmony of the Seas
2 The boats with knots are constructed by using ‘Anjili’ wood. Traditionally these boats were used for transportation of merchandise. Which of the following is referred to in this statement ?
1 Gondolas
2 Shikaras
3 Kettuvallams
4 Rafts

3 On which of the following routes, India’s first CNG powered train is being operated ?
1 Ghaziabad – Meerut
2 Rohtak – Rewari
3 Tonk – Jaipur
4 Lucknow – Kanpur

Answer:Rohtak – Rewari
4 The Cochin Shipyard Ltd. can repair ships upto the capacity of
1 1,10,000 DWT
2 1,25,000 DWT
3 2,50,000 DWT
4 60,000 DWT

Answer: 1,25,000 DWT
5 Transportation of passenger and baggage by air is known as
1 Air lift
2 Carriage
3 Parcel fly
4 Fly forward

6 Which statement is true ?
1 Immigration check is done for all passengers, Indian or foreigners at the time of arrival and departure.
2 Immigration check is done for Indians at the time of departure.
3 Immigration check is done for Foreigners at the time of arrival.
4 Immigration check is done randomly.

Answer: Immigration check is done for all passengers, Indian or foreigners at the time of arrival and departure.
7 Services demonstrate :
1 High-income elasticity of demand
2 Low-income elasticity of demand
3 Zero-income elasticity of demand
4 Unit-income elasticity of demand

Answer: High-income elasticity of demand
8 Relationship marketing always focuses on
1 Need to win
2 ‘Me’ orientation
3 ‘We’ orientation
4 Anonymous customer

Answer:‘We’ orientation
9 Companies may employ many types of strategies for achieving their goals. Michael Porter has condensed them into three generic strategies. Which of the following is the set of generic strategies suggested by him ?
1 Product development, Differentiation, Diversification
2 Overall cost leadership, Differentiation, Focus
3 Market development, Product development, Diversification
4 Market penetration, Diversification, Product development

Answer: Overall cost leadership, Differentiation, Focus
10 Pricing strategy, as per which companies often adjust basic prices to allow for differences in customers, products and locations, is known as
1 Discriminatory pricing
2 Value-based pricing
3 Going-rate pricing
4 Market-penetration pricing

Answer:Discriminatory pricing
11 To be useful, market segments must rate favourably on certain criteria. As per which criterion, effective programs can be formulated for attracting and serving the segments ?
1 Measurable
2 Substantial
3 Accessible
4 Actionable

12 A company needs to avoid three major market positioning errors. Some companies discover that buyers have only a vague idea of the company or they do not really know anything special about it. Which of the following marketing positioning errors does it refer to ?
1 Over positioning
2 Under positioning
3 Un-focussed positioning
4 Confused positioning

Answer:Under positioning
13 The Green Globe Programme as a global certification programme arose from the 1992 Agenda 21 document of the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio-de-Janeiro, has targeted one of the following stakeholders of tourism industry
1 Community
2 Government
3 NGOs
4 Travel and Tourism Industry

Answer:Travel and Tourism Industry
14 Aspect Impact Analysis is conducted in hotels to
1 Understand the damages caused by pollution.
2 Understand the further impact that may cause to the environment by pollution.
3 Understand the precaution taken to prevent the environment pollution.
4 Understand the impact of pollution on hotel employees.

Answer: Understand the precaution taken to prevent the environment pollution.
15 A book that is authored by Murphy, P.E. (1985) and is widely referred to understand the role of community in Tourism Development is titled as
1 Tourism and Development
2 Tourism A. Community Approach
3 Community Participation in Tourism Planning
4 Community Destination Management in Developing Economics

Answer: Tourism A. Community Approach

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