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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 25

1 Which of the following ratios measures the relative contribution of financing of owners and outsiders ?
1 Leverage Ratio
2 Liquidity Ratio
3 Activity Ratio
4 Profitability Ratio

Answer:Leverage Ratio
2 A shopping style that puts particular emphasis on certain activities or shopping motivations is called a __________.
1 shopping segment
2 shopping typology
3 shopping orientation
4 shopping perspective

Answer:shopping orientation


3 Which of the following is a cheaper source of finance ?
1 Equity
2 Debt
3 Retained Earnings
4 None of the above

4 Attending grand opening cermonies is an example of __________ as per Henry Mintzberg.
1 Monitory Role
2 Figurehead Role
3 Liason Role
4 Disseminator Role

Answer: Figurehead Role
5 With respect to Modiglani and Miller (M and M) approach which of the following statements is not correct ?
1 There are no corporate taxes
2 There exists a perfect market
3 Investors act irrationally
4 All earnings are distributed to shareholders

Answer:Investors act irrationally
6 The retail attraction model is also called the __________.
1 retail gravitation model
2 retail dispersion model
3 retail composition model
4 retail network model

Answer:retail gravitation model
7 What is penetrating pricing ?
1 Where the price is determined by the cost of providing the product
2 The price is decided upon and then the product “reversed engineered” to deliver that price
3 Low price is set in the early stage of life cycle in order to build market share
4 Where prices differ accordingly to different market sectors

Answer:Low price is set in the early stage of life cycle in order to build market share
8 The inspirational communication tactics involve the following :
1 Project confidence and power
2 Be credible
3 Pitch your message to the listener
4 All the above

Answer: All the above
9 Combining sociability and solidarity, which one of following is not a basic type of organizational culture :
1 Networked culture
2 Fragmented culture
3 Innovative culture
4 Mercenary culture

Answer:Innovative culture
10 __________ is the difference between the prospective customer’s evaluation of all the benefits and all the costs of an offering and the perceived alternatives.
1 Perceived usefulness
2 Failure avoidance rate
3 Customer perceived delivered value
4 Competitors market share rate

Answer:Customer perceived delivered value
11 In designing the marketing channel, the marketer must understand the service output levels desired by the target customers. Channels produce various service outputs. Which of the following is not one of these outputs ?
1 Product variety
2 Entertainment shopping experience
3 Spatial convenience
4 Waiting and delivery time

Answer:Product variety
12 Which one of the following is not one of the conditions that contribute to the branding decision ?
1 The product is easy to identify by brand or trademark
2 Quality and standards are easy to maintain
3 There are economies of scale
4 Insufficient demand for the product in the market

Answer:Insufficient demand for the product in the market
13 ‘Domain relevant skills’ constitute one of the basic components of individual and team creativity. These skills refer to which of the following ?
1 Special abilities needed to generate creative new ideas
2 Basic knowledge needed to perform the task at hand
3 People’s willingness to perform creative acts
4 None of the above

Answer: Basic knowledge needed to perform the task at hand
14 Managerial Grid Leadership was developed by :
1 Rensis Lekert
2 Tomas Care
3 Paul Hersey
4 Robert Blake and Jane Mouton

Answer: Robert Blake and Jane Mouton
15 One of the following statistical tool that is used to test the questions framed in Nominal scale is :
1 ‘t’-test
2 ANOVA test
3 Chi-square test
4 F-statistic

Answer: Chi-square test

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