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Tourism Administration & Management Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams | Tourism Administration & Management Quiz Set 30

1 The grandest and largest Chaitya Griha in India is at :
1 Karla caves
2 Ellora caves
3 Bhaja caves
4 Ajanta caves

Answer: Karla caves
2 Zainal Abidin was an enthusiastic builder, his greatest engineering achievement Zaina Lanka, an artificial island is in :
1 Wular Lake
2 Mansabal Lake
3 Dal Lake
4 Anchan Lake

Answer:Wular Lake


3 Which city is called “White city and City of lakes” of Rajasthan ?
1 Sikar
2 Jaipur
3 Udaipur
4 Jodhpur

Answer: Jodhpur
4 One of the important features of the Mughal royal buildings is :
1 Char Bagh
2 Chihil Sutul
3 Char Minar
4 Chini Khana

Answer: Char Bagh
5 Ranthambhore fort was one of the strongest forts and it was a stone-fort. Now-a-days for tourists it is an attraction for :
1 Palaces
2 Paintings
3 Tiger sanctuary
4 Rock architecture

Answer:Tiger sanctuary
6 From the following who has been accorded approval for creation of reserves by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) in 2015.
1 Sariska
2 Himalayan National Park
3 Ratapani, Madhya Pradesh
4 Keoladeo National Park

Answer:Ratapani, Madhya Pradesh
7 It is interesting to note that India has cultural heritage of laying down foundation stone for important buildings. In the light of above indicate correct name from below who laid down the foundation stone for Jama Masjid of Delhi :
1 Shah Jahan
2 Aurangzeb
3 Shahi Imam of Delhi
4 Qazi-i Lashkar

Answer:Shah Jahan
8 In principle approval was accorded by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) for creation of reserves in :
1 Sariska, Rajasthan
2 Ratapani, Madhya Pradesh
3 Sunabeda, Odisha
4 Guru Ghasidas, Chattisgarh

Answer:Sariska, Rajasthan
9 From the places given below, which one is known for ‘Camel Safari Tourism’ :
1 Bikaner
2 Udaipur
3 Jaipur
4 Jaiselmer

10 The first restaurant (as distinct from an inn, tavern or food speciality house) was opened by Boulanger in __________.
1 London
2 Boston
3 Paris
4 None of the above

11 Which of the following is not a necessary requirement in the checklist of facilities for classification/Re-classification of Hotels issued by HRACC Division, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (Latest Edition)
1 TV-Cable
2 Waste paper basket
3 Opaque Curtains or Screening at all windows
4 ‘Do not Disturb’ notice

12 A Restaurant that features luxury dining and an exciting menu (not necessarily French or haute cuisine, however), and employs well trained creative chefs and skilled food server are popularly known as :
1 Fast food restaurant
2 Ethnic restaurant
3 Fine-dining restaurant
4 Theme restaurant

Answer:Fine-dining restaurant
13 Ministry of Tourism, Government of India established National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology in :
1 1981
2 1980
3 1983
4 1982

14 Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) came into existence in :
1 1966
2 1956
3 1976
4 1986

15 The scheme proposed to be implemented as a Central Sector Scheme during the 12th Five Year Plan and beyond to tap the potential of pilgrimage tourism under National Mission on Pilgrimage rejuvenation and spiritual augmentation drive is popularly known as :
4 Pilgrimage Tourism Scheme


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